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I was interpreting an article today and it was to do with e-mail campaigns.
The article read that e-mail campaigns have been a static spot recently and is well past over. Referable to all the spam and junk mail filters, it also read "why go through the effort?"
On the other hand it read " if you're going to do an e-mail campaign act immediately before it becomes a memory!"

do you suppose this article was referring to the future of rss feeds taking over e-mail campaigns?

I am thinking that I am going to have to rss feed everything I do on the internet now.

What is your opinion?
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    I bet it you polled 1000 random internet users, maybe 1 will have any clue about RSS..
    999 of them will probably have email accounts


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      Originally Posted by jasonl70 View Post

      I bet it you polled 1000 random internet users, maybe 1 will have any clue about RSS..
      999 of them will probably have email accounts
      Maybe a bit more...

      But RSS will definitely be a runner-up to e-mail for the foreseeable future.

      e-mails are customizable - you can include the recipient's name etc, I guess you can't do such things in RSS - it just shoots an update to everyone.
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        I believe that thier are tons of people who do not understand everything about rss feeds as of yet including me. but I see what you are saying about close to seconds. (or being runner up) I have been working hard on an e-mail campaign and trying to get my business in order. what I read in that article put a little fear into me.
        Thanks for letting me clear my fear and mind.
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          Email marketing is still working like gangbusters and there's no reason to think that will change in the near future.

          You do want to use a service like Aweber that takes care of issues like white listing etc so your emails get delivered.

          While RSS would be great because all your messages would get delivered most people either don't know how to use it or don't want to use it which really makes it an add-on marketing method in most niches not a primary marketing method.

          Think of this:
          Did you check your email today? How about your RSS?

          I don't even get RSS feeds and I know plenty of other people who don't.

          But we all have email accounts.

          Kindest regards,
          Andrew Cavanagh
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            I use email marketing a lot in my niche.

            And does it work? Hell yeah!

            Check the statistics with MarketingSherpa and Jupiter research - and they tell you email marketing is one of the most effective and also economical marketing channels around.

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