Facebook AND Twitter Management?

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Are there any applications I can use to manage my twitter and Facebook business pages together? The most important feature I need is to be able to schedule posts in advance, which I find is more of an issue on Facebook than elsewhere.

I have several pages to manage. Any suggestions?
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    Hootsuite is a option for you where you can schedule your tweets are the massage you want to deliver but you are busy somewhere else.In hootsuite there a process where we can schedule our massage when we want it to be deliver.
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    I also use Hootsuite - highly recommended.
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  • I have actively used and checked out different options for social media management and can say the easiest to use is HootSuite. I easily train my clients how to use the program and the hootlet which you can install on your browser. Scheduling is easy. I recommend not wasting your time looking at the others that are out there.
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    Here's what I use:

    MarketMeSuite - The Social Media Marketing Dashboard

    You can schedule an unlimited number of post
    for up to a year in advance, to an unlimited
    number of Twitter accounts, a primary Facebook
    account, and an unlimited number of Fan Pages.

    I interviewed the product owners long ago, but
    the software has changed a lot since then.

    They did take a lot of precautions to fit within
    Twitter's and Facebook's TOS.

    This is how I tweet while sleeping, or while onstage
    speaking at a seminar :-)


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    I also tried Hootsuite and I definitely recommend it. It's also simple to use than the others.

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    Yeh Im using it now. Its Awesome.
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