I must be doing something wrong with my backlinks...

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Hi everyone. I wrote on here earlier and got a ton of help from people as far as backlink strategies. However, it's been about 3 weeks and I'm still not seeing a single backlink show up to my site within Market Samurai. I've read a lot of posts on here and my experience does not seem to be lining up with what most people say. From what I've read on the forum, it seems social bookmarking usually gets sites indexed in less than a week (much less) - I don't mean on the first page of Google- I just mean to have Google see my site at all. I'd be happy with page 1000! I'm sitting here at about 3 weeks after social bookmarking (best and do follow), article submission, web 2.0 submissions and even signing up for a 3 way link service and not a single backlink is recognized by market samurai and google doesn't even see my site. I assume Market samurai's page rank tracker is accurate. I should mention too that I use my main keyword in all of my anchor text on my articles etc. I also have privacy set to public, I've submitted a sitemap and many of my articles have already been accepted and publish etc. I assumed these would result in backlinks, but so far nothing. Am I doing something wrong? What am I missing here? If it's just a time thing, how much time is reasonable for me to expect one single backlink to show up? Thanks again!
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    Did you try searching for your backlinks in yahoo?
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      I agree with Ashique and Owen Smith...
      I always use YahooSite explorer for basic informations about my backlinks...

      Social media bookmarking sites are nofollow (they can't help you to increas PR, but they can increas trafics of your site) as well as most of blogs...

      For submited articles need time to be approved...

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        Patience my friend! They will show up, it just takes some time and the amount of time it takes can vary.
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    No. How do I do this?
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    Use this tool - Site Explorer - Yahoo! Site Explorer

    You probably have got the backlinks, it takes a while for google to show them, try this also.

    Go to google and type in link:yourdomain.com

    Do not include the www. I would also recommend that you backlink your website without www. and just yourwebsite.com

    If you backlink with both, they will be compeating with eachother as they are regarded as seperate websites by Google.


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    Backlinks reported in Market Samurai are the one piece of information that they get from yahoo... so you will likely find similar results there.'

    I think the only mistake you are making is trying to count your backlinks! Focus on the process, and don't be concerned with what services tell you in regards to backlinks, as none of them return accurate results anyways.

    In terms of getting your site indexed, usually a simple tool like this: Profit Instruments: Quick Index Tool is what I use, with very fast results. If google isn't indexing your site after all you've done, it's possible that they don't see it as worth indexing... so make sure you have some quality unique content.

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      When you talk about getting your site indexed, do you mean showing up in google under your main keyword? or would you show up under "other" keywords also even if you just focus on your main keyword?

      I have a website and it is indexed under the domain name but not for my keyword but I haven't done anything yet. When I write articles for backlinks I was assuming I would just use the keyword of my article as the anchor text.....or should I be just using my main keyword of my website all the time in my articles irrespective of the keyword used of an individual article?

      Thanks if you can shed some light on this for me.
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    Hi everyone, thanks again for the help. Maybe I don't understand the concept of "indexing." In Market Samurai, I need to type in the keyword that I'm targeting. I've been using this primary keyword in the anchor text of every link I've put out there as well as in the on page title, H1, description and the URL. This is what shows up not indexed and with no backlinks. However, if I type in the exact keyword phrase that makes up my domain name, it shows up at # 17 in google (still no backlinks though)

    Also, I just checked out the yahoo tool that was suggested as well as typed in: link:yourdomain.com and both came up with nothing. Most of my articles have been approved and are live. Any help is appreciated. I really appreciate all of the great advice!
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      Originally Posted by stannmaple View Post

      ........ I've been using this primary keyword in the anchor text of every link I've put out there .......
      Just a suggestion: mix up the anchor text a little.
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    If you want to tell if your site is indexed, simply type the following into Google:


    And the results will be all the pages that Google has indexed, which simply means they have included it in their index, and it is available to be found via searches.

    If your articles are live, and indexed in google as well, then they are being counted as backlinks... even if they don't show up in Market Samurai, Yahoo, etc. Just keep building away, and understand that ranking don't happen overnight!

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    Thanks for the help! I just typed into google:
    and it came back with nothing. I understand that it doesn't happen overnight, but after following all of the advice and social bookmarking, posting numerous links, articles, signing up for 3 way links, regularly updating the site with regular content, etc, I hoped it would show up in less than 3 weeks. I still have a suspicion that I missed something or did something wrong. Is that possible? Is there a "wrong" way to do this? Thanks!
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    If you'd like I can take a look at your site and figure out where you may possibly have gone astray... Just let me know if you'd like me to, and I'll send you a PM with my email address.


    PS Just don't mention your address on here! I'm sure you already know, but just to be safe... don't want someone else stealing your niche.
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    If your links are correctly pointing to your site and are not nofollow or noindex and show up in the source code you should be fine. Instead of waiting around for different keyword tools to tell you how many backlinks you have you should be working on building more. You can be sure that you competition is.

    Remember, can't be set to nofollow, noindex and it MUST show up in source code as well as actually point to your site.
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    As far as I'm aware no follow links can still be crawled but they do not pass link juice. One easy way to get indexed us to post a link from identi.ca. how much content do you have and is it unique?
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    I'd really appreciate you helping me out. Yes, I haven't shared the site on here for that reason, but to have someone give me specific direction would be a huge help to me. Please PM me if you get a chance. Thanks!
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