Did I Just Buy A Banned Domain Name? :)

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Last week, I registered the domain name "sweatcures.com" with plans of creating content & eventually flipping the domain.

This was a domain that expired a few days before I had purchased it. After making the purchase, I ran it through some analyzing sites to see it's history (Unfortunately, no info is available on Web Archives/WayBack Machine), backlinks, etc. I did find that all of the sites state that sweatcures.com is either banned or too new to get certain data, which I found odd because it had been registered for 4 years previously. My assumption was that I bought a banned domain name.

So, I searched around on google and followed their instructions on "Webmaster Tools" to add the site, request reconsideration, and then wait. In the meantime, I decided to throw up a quick wordpress blog with minimal content / Youtube videos to see if I could start to get some traffic once they approved me. I added google analytics (so I would know when people started visiting the site), I pinged the site on Pingomatic.com, went to Digg, and outourced a .edu backlinking campaign.

A few days later, I arrived on Google page 2 for the keyword phrase "SWEAT CURES" Ranked #19. At this point, I assumed that Google let me back in to their site. However, every tool that I try still tells me that I am not indexed and possibly banned. Is there something that I'm missing?

Is there something else that I should be doing? I'd like to know because apparently its a pretty good niche with a good number of searches, so I'd like to try to get to the first page for my keyword. I also don't want to try to Flip a Domain that could be banned and give myself a bad reputation.. I would appreciate any help.

Thanks so much!
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