How Many Webhosts Do You Use and Which Ones Do You Use?

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I have 4 web hosts and I'm thinking about getting a 5th one. How many do you guys have, which ones do you have/recommend if I get a 5th?
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    Zen Internet, ZZ hosting, Hostgator, BlueHost and GoDaddy..

    Zen is awesome, ZZ are really good, Hostgator and Bluehost are good (when first starting out) and GoDaddy.. um.. meh?
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    3 - Dayanahost, Icdsoft & Host Gator. Really nothing special about any of them. I guess it's like a lot of things in life, once you find something that works you just stick with it.

    I guess I'd recommend them all but only depending on what you're interested in. I like the cpanel from Icdsoft, I like Dayanahost as a cheap reliable host and finally host gator for the reseller account.
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      1 and 1, HostGator, IxWebHosting - I have never had a problem with these, but have used many others that I have dropped. I keep all software requiring cPanel on HostGator cuz the other 2 have other control panels.

      Here's the important part - never had to open move than 1 ticket with each in the 6 years I've been with them. Recently tried GVO on someone's recommendation and had to let them go after opening 31 tickets in 5 months. They kept making changes on the server without telling me and broke my sites!
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    Why so many? I use only JustHost and it has unlimited hosting for unlimited domains...
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    I have quite a few hosting accounts with godaddy. They have always done me right.

    I'm all about that bass.

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  • I have only one hosting.
    I am with business hosting with hostgator.
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    I only have one use host gator's SEO hosting

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    I just use GoDaddy. They seem like the only Internet company that has any idea what customer service is.
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    HostGator Reseller account for hosting. I use GoDaddy and NameCheap for registering domain names.
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    Bluehost. They have an excellent technical support team.
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    I used to have sites on seven hosts and with one of them being a SEO host, the sites were split into five subaccounts there too.... more trouble than it was worth it and right now I'm down to two

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    I used stablehost for now, did try for hostgator on their 80% discount but it was all finish in 10minute.
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    I have 4 web hosts and I'm thinking about getting a 5th one. How many do you guys have, which ones do you have/recommend if I get a 5th?
    There are tons of Webhosting Companies available. However when you choose a Hosting company you must check their Uptime,Support,Features,Background & Testimonial,Pricing ( especially any hidden charges), Features,etc..

    If you are looking hosting for busy forums ( high Traffic ) or busy websites then you probably choose VPS or some cheap dedicated Servers. or if you are going to host blogs,static websites then you may choose some oneclick installer blog friendly Webhosting companies.
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    Hostgator reseller account...excellent web host
    Bluehost....excellent web host
    IX Webosting....decent web host with unlimited monthly bandwidth


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    Very happy with Site5 and Hostgator... Site5 has particularly good support as well.
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        I have GoDaddy and HostGator and I am satisfied with both of them and don't need another one.
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    Stablehost and mellowhost, never had trouble except when they suspended my account when one of my WP plugin try to load 2GB file to the memory. Support was fast and my site got online again under 30 minutes after I fixed the problem.
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    I second (or third, fourth, fifth -- one hundredth??) HostGator as being a good host, and the one I currently and exclusively use.

    But in the past, I've also used Superb Internet, United Hosting (who let you choose between UK or US-based servers) and Web Intellects - all of which have proved reliable (at least when I was with them), and have excellent customer support.
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    I use 2 different webhosts. One is hostgator and the other hostnine. I have hostnine resellers package and works great for me cause I have a lot of websites. I use hostgator for my more popular sites with more traffic since they support is very good when I had problems in the past.

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    Depends on your needs. I have about 8-10 different hosts as I'm always trying to find the best/optimum service/price/performance combo.

    I really like EZPZ right now - super fast, great service. Bluehost and futurehosting and also good.
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    Wow, so a lot of warriors use various web hosts...and here I am thinking that you're all avid fans of Hostgator. Um, well I read hostgator here all the time. But like you guys I am using an other host, I use justhost.

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    At the moment I have some free hosts for smaller blogs.
    At my dreamhost shared hosting I got a lot aof different IPs so kept it when subscribing to a hostnine reseller account half a year ago. They offer 5 different servers (3 US, 1 UK, 1 Asia with one reseller. This gives some IP variety for SEO too.
    Failed to buy a second reseller at Host Gator on Friday. Not sure yet whether to catch it on Monday when they offer 50% discount instead of 80%.
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    I tried several in the last 8 years. Right now I'm using HostGator and HostMonster.

    The one with the worst service for me was 1and1.


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    Have used 15+ in the last 10 years, (everything from DotEasy to Bluehost to NetworkSolutions). Have watched the features get better and better most places. Powweb was the 1st with load balancing. Still many without it, which I do not understand. Still, HostClear and PowWeb have it, (site on 4 servers, 2 on, 2 off at all times; total back-up every 12-24 hours). Both cheap and 'unlimited' everything. The difference between 99.9% and 100% up-time is small. (The 100% up-time ones still only advertise 99.9%... just in case, I guess; but with 2 servers on-line, can rotate re-boot/up-date them and never have a site go down - even for a second).

    On another note, I do have a couple sites on the Evil Empire (GoDaddy), will have to do something about that someday. Lol. I just hope the influx of biz at HostGator does not screw up things there. Not 100% sure they are/where ready for that. IF they do as they say in their company blog, things there could improve dramatically in the next 6 months or so. Here's to hoping! Could mean not having to do so much maintenance myself and a knowledgeable CSR staff! Woo-Hoo! (Right now, anything could happen!)

    Guess the worse part is when using a DS and requesting a multi NIC firewall because the default PIX firewall can be gone through like butter and they put a single NIC firewall on it and when you call, NO CSR even knows what a NIC firewall is! So just use shared with those two hosts. Not good experience with customer service knowledge.
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      I use WP Web Host, which is actually owned by Exabytes. Very satisfied with their service. They did all the Wordpress migration work for me. Great if you are planning to make a lot of Wordpress-powered sites. I have a 30% discount coupon for those interested in signing up for WP Web Host (just PM me).
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    I've only ever used Bluehost to host all of my sites. Never had any problems with them so always stuck with them.
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    Just added HostGator. Was previously using only GoDaddy. Contrary to popular opinion GoDaddy hosting is very good and I've found my WP admin is faster there than on the new HostGator sites I'm using, but it's good to have more than one. If you want to use Godaddy you just have to appreciate they don't utilize CPanel.
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      I'm with Bluehost. You can host unlimited number of website/domains with Bluehost's $6.95 monthly plan.
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    Had really god experience with Hostgator. Streight forward and good service.

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    i use and they are pretty good and cheap too...try them
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    Most of are using Hostgator. But we don't need to put all eggs in same basket. So I use Bluehost, Dreamhost and ixwebhosting as optional hosting providers.

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