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Hi everyone, this is a great forum with tons of information and I am glad to finally join instead of reading on the sidelines.

What are the best tools to find a sub niche to get started in so that I don't work for hours in a category that is just too broad.

I have a lot of material, interest and knowledge in the body building/ weight lifting niche. But of course that is way to huge and I know I have to narrow it down - a lot.

Does anyone have any ideas that I could start with as far as particular focus in a certain aspect of "muscle building", or are there places on the web to zero in on potential sub niches?

Thanks all, and I hope to contribute to this forum in the future. I may start by asking lots of questions though!

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    Here's a site worth checking out: The Challenge

    Check out the first module for in depth answers to your question.

    Good luck!
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      Welcome, Katherine...

      One way to go about it requires nothing in the beginning but your brain and some effort observing the world.

      For example, I was watching a golf show the other day, and the pro being interviewed mentioned that strength conditioning became much more important as he got older.

      Sub-niche: Core strength exercises for middle-aged and senior golfers.

      Another example...

      As part of an experiment, I posted a number of health-related articles of varying quality to see what phrases people would find the site for. One of the most popular turned out to be an article about alcohol and bodybuilding. Specifically, about being able to drink and pursue bodybuilding.

      Sub-niche: Guys interested in bodybuilding and a party lifestyle at the same time.

      Read magazine covers, and ponder what audience the magazine serves in general, and what segment of that audience each headline is aimed at.

      Pretty soon, ideas for sub-niches will come to you in a flood.

      Once a possibility strikes your fancy, you need to answer a few questions:

      > Is the group large enough to make it worth your trouble?

      > Does the group spend money on your subject? [Both examples above definitely qualify.]

      > Can you reach them effectively?

      > Can you "make them an offer they can't refuse?"

      If those come back as yeses, you have a niche worth pursuing.
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    Find a forum in the larger niche and look for sub-niches that people in the forum are talking about.
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      Instead of focusing first on finding a sub niche you can go from zero to making money a whole lot quicker by focusing on getting access to a hungry market.

      In other words look at the sites online who are selling products to your major niche.

      Look for people who obviously have substantial sales and traffic.

      Look at their products. Really study them.

      Then start a communication with the owner of the site.

      You want to find out if they're open to doing joint ventures with someone.

      The ideal situation would be to survey their list to find out what products they might be interested in but that's not always practical or desirable.

      If you're paying attention when you're reading their product and you've taken the time to work out who is buying those products you should be able to come up with a few ideas on:

      Related but non-competitive products...especially products that will have high value to that particular niche.

      Then it's just a matter of in your conversations with the site owner talking about a product you're working on or thinking of working on and seeing how they respond to a joint venture proposal.

      This method is a whole lot easier than starting from scratch and trying to build a market yourself in what is one of the most highly competitive niches on the internet.

      Kindest regards,
      Andrew Cavanagh
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    Body Building > Weights > Free Weights > Brand Of Dumbbells
    Body Building > Exercises > Medicine Ball
    Body Building > Supplements > Brand of Supplement

    Just a general type of breakdown you can try doing. Drill down into your area of expertise to find those good micro niches.
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