MarketHealth Scamming People?

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I am an affiliate with MarketHealth and I -know- that I made some commissions. But they just mysteriously disappear. So I look it up, and here is what I find:

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Joe Bucks Affiliate Program | NiggyBuzz Blog

And this
Problems Arising With What should I do? | BusinessPeanuts Internet Marketing Strategy

Should this be taken seriously? Are they really scamming people and stealing commissions? If so then I quit, those *******s wasted my freaking time. Going to Genbucks.

What do you think is really going on here?

Apparently I have lost 2 commissions from this.

Listen to this: "I’ve been involved with online marketing for 9 years and I NEVER have seen so many complaints about 1 affiliate program. It shows you that they’re very dishonest. I personally joined under my business name and was excited at first. I had 18,200 unique clicks and only 4 sales!!!!!!"

18'200 clicks and 4 sales from a guy who has been doing this for 9 years? Don't tell me thats not screwed up. 99% of sales are disappearing. "900 clicks 0 sales" wow, pathetic.

"I switched my links to genbucks and went from 0 sales in my week with markethealth to 11 sales in the next week, I didn't change anything all I did was change links"
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    Hi Aegon,

    You posted an interesting thread there.

    Would be really interested to hear from other warriors who used the company, to find out if there conversions where really low and if so did they switch to someone else and find an improvement?

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      I haven't actively promoted them in a year or two, but I do have about 60some sub affiliates that still make sales here and there and I do have some old links which still convert in the 25%-30% range.

      Not sure if that helps much though because my traffic is quite low to them.
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