A "Second Chance" Unsubscribe Option

by bfas
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I thought this was interesting enough to share here:

A list I had subscribed to has been sending an email to me every day. Too much for my tastes, particularly as most of them are just pitches. There are a few 'good' emails, but by-and-large just too many, too frequently.

I clicked the 'Unsubscribe' link, and at the top of the page was a message saying something to the effect of: "Wait! Before you unsubscribe, will you give me another chance? If you click the link below, I'll only email you a 'digest' once per week...."

Rather than unsubscribe as I was about to do, I went ahead and clicked the link which - I assume - moved my into a list that will only receive a once-weekly email.

Anyway, I thought it was a pretty clever way to 'hold onto' a subscriber. It probably isn't going to work in every circumstance, and if the 'digest' isn't reasonably valuable, I'll unsubscribe from that as well, but this marketer did manage to keep me from unsubscribing altogether for the time being.

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  • Profile picture of the author Tina Golden
    I've seen the same thing a couple times recently and thought it was a great idea. I'm thinking of trying it myself at some point. I don't email every day or anything so it's not urgent but it's a clever way to offer the subscriber a choice.

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    Interesting - pretty much like the 'Wait, click the cancel button...'

    Love the idea.

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    It sounds like a good idea, although does Aweber has a feature to allow this?

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  • Profile picture of the author Supernatural_fan
    haven't seen such a message yet, although if i would get any, i'm not sure if i'd give up unsubscribing...i'm curious about one thing though; if someone should make a study, i wonder how many people would stick to their plan and how many would keep their info in the site's data base...doesn't really sound professional, it's more like a desperate call to me...
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    I much prefer the people who email me a sales pitch every single day, so I unsubscribe, and then miraculously, I get another email from them the next day. It's like a quadruple opt out. There really are some dirty marketesr out there who will do anything.

    I'm happy to receive the Bo**ocks info from someone if I can unsubscribe straight away, hell, I'm not even that bothered if they give me the puppy eyes and a "pweese downt go mister" as long as it gives me the choice and respects it. Just don't ask me to subscribe and than see that as an invitation to bombard me with more rubbish!
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  • Profile picture of the author Slade556
    This is becoming pretty popular now. I think it's a pretty effective tactic to keep people on their list but anything beyond that is making it too difficult for your subscribers to unsubscribe if they wish. I think you should be allowed one 'last chance' to save your subscriber then after that they should be able to easily opt out without any hassle. You can't make them jump through too many hoops to unsubscribe.
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