Affiliate versus Contextual Ads

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This has been bothering me for a while.
Now I know some people make a lot of money out on contextual ads but when someone new comes to your website, clicks the ad and goes off down the yellow brick road, that is it is'nt it?
I mean they are just lost to you forever. All that work generating traffic and there they go, probably to someone else, who is sending them on somewhere through their own affiliate link, earning a ton more than you out of the visitor, you just spent all your time and effort attracting.
Or am I missing something
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    Yeah thats how i works sort off. But dont assume that all the visitors you will be sending will be converting for them
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    Perhaps, I would be better putting contextual ads on only those pages where my stats say a majority of visitors are leaving my website anyway. Then there is always a chance they might click on an ad if they are leaving and at least I might make a little bit from it

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      Well it's all depends which business model you are doing. Some are happy to display CPC ads on their site they don't bother whether their visitor stays at site or not as long as clicks on ads it's ok for them.

      Eventually they make quite good money through Ads that they stick doing this model.
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