How I got my wife's PayPal account shut down. Ya really have to be careful.

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Hi All,

OK, I know I was dumb so please don't rub it in. Believe me I've kicked myself several times over the past week.

I just wanted to share this to warn others about what not to do.

Guilty! Yes I'm one who is guilty of saying (in the past of course) "You must have done something wrong to get your PayPal account shut down."

Technically I guess I did do something "wrong" however it was such an easy (at least for me) mistake to make.

You may recall I came in here a while back and reported a GREAT new service by GreenDot and PayPal.

You can buy a GreenDot Money pack and put it directly on your PayPal account.

My wife asked me to put some money on her PayPal account so she could do some shopping, so I in my brilliance went to the store and bought a money pack to give her.

Being less of a techie than I am she asked If I would help her add it. I did and out of habit I put my SS on the info rather than hers.

The rest is history. PayPal account shut down with a few bucks in it. No appeal to reopen, it's gone for good.

She received a very nice email from a "name" at PayPal inviting her to Open Another account and please realize that "We don't allow Joint Accounts."

Well, there is my first paypal horror story.

Be careful out there.

George Wright
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    You are not the only one George - I got my husbands account closed down last week on Paypal - I put $200 in his account from mine so that he could buy something online - but he then decided not to buy it and just refunded my money back to me. The next day he got an email from Paypal telling him his account had been suspended but when he went online to resolve it there was no options given to him and he has had no reply from an email he sent them. They have said they will hold his $34 (!!!!) for 180 days to ensure that there are "no issues" on the account and that was it - what was worse is that he had been trying his hand at making money online and had been doing quite nicely on Fiverr and now of course that option is closed to him too.

    The only thing we can think is that they cancelled his account under the "money laundering" policy but quite honestly who knows - before this I used to think that Paypal only closed or froze large accounts with tens of thousands of dollars in them. We know better now, lol.

    Best wishes
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    Guys, usually you can re-verify EVEN IF the account page says "cannot be appealed". Once I started doing volume with my Paypal account they wanted to identify me and because I had just turned 18 and didnt have a credit card yet, they couldn't verify my SSN (they only use credit bureaus to do this) and my account was shut down with the same message about it being permanent.

    I called, cried, and pulled out my hair over my $300 they were holding and the complete stop on future business from clients. They said there was NO WAY it could be re-opened and that the chances of them letting me open an account and ever doing business with Paypal again were slim.

    Nevertheless, I went out and got a credit card, made a couple payments to make sure I was in the system, then called up (asked directly for a manager and wouldn't take the receptionist's broken English "No" for an answer). When the manager got on the phone, I explained the situation, he said "One second let me take care of that for you."

    3 minutes later, no questions asked, I could login to a fully functional Paypal account.

    DO NOT EMAIL THEM: Just call them up, ask for a manager, and explain in full detail what happened. Emphasize the fact that you can verify the correct SSN and information they need.

    Paypal is tough, but to me they are a necessary evil for business as they just make things so much easier and I wasn't able to find an alternative that offered the same functionality. However, as frustrated as I was, in the end I got through to them and you likely can too.

    Best of luck and sorry to hear this happened,

    - Brandon
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    Close your eyes, what a horror show! Lock up your women and children!

    Sorry, doesn't really sound like that much of a "horror story" to be honest.

    However, I'm interested. Will she get the money back? The old, "6 months and we'll give you your money back" thing?

    Also, did she try a phone call? Doesn't help every time but in my experience paypal likes you to call them to sort things out.
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      Originally Posted by redicelander View Post

      Close your eyes, what a horror show! Lock up your women and children!

      Sorry, doesn't really sound like that much of a "horror story" to be honest.

      However, I'm interested. Will she get the money back? The old, "6 months and we'll give you your money back" thing?

      Also, did she try a phone call? Doesn't help every time but in my experience paypal likes you to call them to sort things out.
      Yes, they do give you the money back (and actually restore your account too). I had a similar issue back in 2004 I believe, the account was closed because a client made a refund, i couldn't use the account..after a month or so back and forth through emails I gave up on the paypal account and let it be...

      In 2009 (or it was beginning of 2010) i just got reminded that I had an account with PayPal, dropped them an email to ask what is going on with my paypal (as if I was waiting on them to answer me lol), they quickly responded with an apologize for the delay (yeah, 5+ years), restored my account with my funds in it.

      As Brandon said, it is never gone for good, your best thing to do is call them and speak directly to a manager, it doesn't make sense that someone can't make such silly mistakes or a house/address to have 2 accounts on two different names. I think you can resolve all this with just a phone call, if not..well wait for awhile and you will get all sorted out (just don't forget about the account for 5 years like me lol).
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    Call them as Branlan17 did, I had my account closed when I was 17 too, I used one on my fathers name 'till I turned 18 and then I sent them an email asking for my account, they told me they can't do that even though I send a copy of my ID and proof of address. Then I called them and got my account in just few minutes.
    Explain them it is your wife's account and let's hope they will understand.
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    I don't see any problems once you show them that both are living at the same address and maybe even have same surname?

    Ye there's no point sending them emails. My account had limits on and i rang them yesterday. It's unlimited now. Just need to upload my ID and that was it. I send them email 5 days ago about my limit, still no answer. So ring and explain...

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    Arrhh..thats why lots of people are not comfortable with paypal. But with its popularity (just like Google?) we are left with no choice but to use them.

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    Your right at time's paypal suck's! They offer a largely impersonal service, and its frustrating if you want to pay for an item, and then get a message to put money on your account you have to allow it to take money from your bank account in 7 days, or whatever. In general they will not allow you to put money from your debit or credit card to your account.

    However anyone who buys a service from us uses paypal, and we do get the money!
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    I have read that it is estimated that there is over a billion dollars in the 180 day frozen status at any given time. I wonder what the interest on that comes to?
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