May I promote YOUR YouTube videos?

by Jared Alberghini 6 replies
ATTN: Video Producers

I'm looking for a select few to promote your YouTube videos on my new video website.
( Internet Marketing : & Web Development Videos : Brought to you by: )

There are two 'static' sections within the menu : "Our Favorite Authors" and "Our Favorite Videos" which are displayed on EVERY PAGE, so you can obviously see the value here...

If you are chosen to be one of the Favorite Authors, when clicked, it displays a list of ALL of your videos.

Here are the rules (common sense clearly applies):

#1 - Must be good quality informational videos, not just a powerpoint presentation that spams an affiliate link.

#2 - Authors must have at least 5 quality videos to even be considered for "Fav Auths".

#3 - Must be related to the Web Development/Internet Marketing industry.

So, video producers, let's see some of your work to be reviewed by myself, and if it's good, I will list and promote your videos for free.

P.S. (main page) has a PR of 5, and receives over 1,500 uniques per DAY & over 5,000 Page Views Per DAY to the entire site.

P.P.S. Reply or PM me SOON if you wish to be considered, this won't be available for long!

P.P.P.S. Don't Be Shy!

- Jared
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