My Hosting Is Down....I'm Losing Money...

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My hosting has been not working properly for 24 hours...what can I do about that considering that I pay them every single a shared hosting...

would be a good idea to have hosting with 2 different accounts? so when one is down I can send the traffic to the other hosting?
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    having 2 accounts seems to be a good idea but you have to sort out this situation you're in by calling them. 1 month is a long time. might be a good idea to go to another host. have they sent you any messages to apologize? if not --> they don't care...
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    Who provides your hosting? If someone like Hostgator then their customer service is generally pretty good. You might consider switching provider if this happens again or if you don't get your hosting back up quickly and with a reasonable level of response from them.
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      Why is the hosting down? and do you have access to phone support?

      Hosting can be down for several reasons; one is a DDOS attack where a server is bombarded by so many requests that it is shut down till the DDOS attack is either over or neutralized. Another reason can be that someone dug up a cable somewhere so that the physical connection of the server to the net is either completely or partially compromised. There might be an equipment failure at the server farm and your server is being repaired. Your hosting company is caught somewhere in the middle of the scenario (especially if they are hosting resellers) and that will mean they have to rely on third parties to sort this out.

      It's a horrible position to be in; you definitely need to choose a host which has a good support network for you; I prefer to select hosts with phone support so that I can talk to a real person and find out what the issue is. Some web hosts have off-site support so that if the main server goes down, they still have a support forum on another network which ought to be working.

      I use a program called tjping to ping my server(s) if I think there is an issue; if the ping doesn't reach the server, it will show where the hops are failing; I try to make sure that I save the reports when I do the ping so that I can justify my comments to my web host.

      I hope this helps you.


      ps duplicating your account on two different servers can cause issues - especially if you don't have it set up correctly. Many hosting companies don't recommend this.
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      database issue...

      System Notice

      Except for this I was very happy with startlogic....but I've heard even hostgator has problems...
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    Greeting Secrets 2010,

    I recommend that you have 2-separate accounts as soon as possible,
    do not put more than some words between 10 to 30 sites on each of them.

    In my opinion, I recommend that Hostgator is one of them.

    Use private ownership information ... purchase your domains from different sources.

    Keep everything backed up on your hard drive ... then back up your hard drive to an external drive.

    Establish some good karma, by helping others, that may go a long way to help you from not experiencing this problem again.

    Then you should be all set to make some consistent profits, without a lot of stress in your life area.

    All the best ... Ron
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      I see that they advertise a 99.9% uptime guarantee. At that percentage, it only allows for ~43 minutes of downtime per month. Perhaps you can get some sort of refund.
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        Well this could happen with any hosting including top notch like GoDaddy and Hostgator.

        I would suggest give a try to GoDaddy, I am using it for last 3 years and never happend when I got in that situation to call them they solve all the issues on support ticket and their response is usually with in 4 hours. Just suggestion you may try others.
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    Most good hosting companies will get your site back up right away if you go down. It's time to switch companies!

    Go with Hostgator!

    Backup choices: BlueHost or HostMonster
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    First, get one good company. I don't think anyone is better than HostGator. One Baby account is about $10/month and you can host about 20-30 sites without upsetting their statistics. Their reliability and support is as good as it gets. If you get more than 25 accounts, then get a second account.

    When I was with HostGator, I had just about every problem resolved in under an hour.

    If you need a real backup site, find another site that has reliable service and support and place some of your backups there. In the event of failure, you should be able to quickly get back up and running. However, with Hostgator, chances are that by the time you get cranked up on the backup site, they will be back online.

    If you are making money, don't be cheap! Sure, it is nice to pay $3.00/month rather than $10/month, but what good is it if you are losing $10/month in income?

    Just something to think about.

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    Ouch. That will really hurt your income. As long as the net surfers and customers will not see your site, you lose every possible income you can get. What did the tech support say about your problem? If they're not dealing with it, I suggest find a better host. Read on comparison sites like WEB HOSTING TOP 10 • BEST WEB HOSTS November 2010 to help you find the best one for you. You will find lots of them online.
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      Ah, the old continuity problem...

      Most people don´t think or plan for the possibilityof somehing like this happening until it actually happens.

      First off you should immediately contact your hosts support to find out what the problem is, it mightnot even be their fault.

      I had my site go down twice this year. First time what happened was that Wordpress 3.0 came out and as the blog was installed with fantastico I needed to update it from there. Second time.. I messed up with domain renewal...

      So first make sure you find out what the problem is first, that means get talking to someone ASAP.

      After that, if you are making money you need top`lan for the possibility of something like this happening again.

      If your sites are all wordpress your host can temporarily disconnect youfor a query overload ( or whatever it´s called, I´m not to fluent in tech speak) which they will suggest you sort out by adding the Cache plugin.

      Make sure your installs are properly updated the right way (remember my fantastico issue)

      From there, preventing an actual downtime from your host is a matter of making sure your hosting and domains ar enot with the same company and having a second hosting acocunt as a back up. If your host goes down you just redirect your domains to the other hosting and you willminimize the damage.

      If it happens more than once in a year you are probably with the wrong host.

      If you have a lot of sites and are on shared hosting you should probably look at having your own dedicated server, be it a VPS or the full works.

      Hope this helps.

      Writer for hire

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