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Hi folks,

I have been on this forum for a number of years, and selling online in one capacity or another for over 10 years.

I have done everything from selling on Ebay, running my own email site (which I still have - hotmail and gmail are tough competition ), web design, graphic design, affiliate marketing, article marketing and product creation.

I have to say, no matter what amount of money each method I used made, I got the most satisfaction out of doing the things I love most. For me now it is product creation. I love finding a niche, an untapped need in the market and designing something to meet that need.

So what is the purpose of this post? In the last month, I thought i would branch out and try to make another passive income stream with new methodologies I haven't tried before. I followed strategies to a tea. I was excited to see the results.

The results were average, obviously I would need to devote more time and effort into mastering this particular skill. But you know what? I'm not going to, because I don't actually enjoy the process! It seems as enjoyable as shovelling dirt to me

Do what you love people! Follow your passion! Find your own niche! Stick to your strengths and you will excel!

There are a thousand different methods we can all try on the internet. Some are lucrative, some are fads and will only be effective for a short while, some are red herrings that divert us from our business plan or true calling, and some are downright shams.

Once you find something that works for you that you love...stick to it! Just ramp it up. By that I mean replicate the SAME process again. Use Virtual Assistants and outsourcing to lighten your own load, and manage the whole process.

When you are doing this and Web 3.0, or Stomper 7 or TubeBook or some other crazy new fad comes along that everybody else is talking about....ignore it! They'll be busy chatting and dreaming, and you will be busy consistently making money.

Chase your dreams Warriors, stay positive, remain passionate and FOCUS!

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    Just joined and read your post...solid thoughts. When you're doing something you're passionate about because you love what you're doing...not only will your results be better but life will be better.

    Looking forward to networking, learning and giving value to WF.
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      Welcome to thr forum! You'll love it here. You just joined at a good time, the functionality of the forum has just been revamped. Don't get addicted
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        I own a network of websites for moms. I get emails from moms daily asking how they can make money at home too! I also encourage them to find something they have a passion for too!

        Mommy Enterprises
        Helping Moms Make Money At Home $$

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          Well done Stefani!

          Your passion must be helping people! I remember coming across your site about a year ago I think. I hope it is all still going really well!

          I might add, if you do what you love, you will do a much better job at it. You'll deliver better service, get better feedback, feel happy when you help your customers.

          Think about it. If you hate dogs, and you have a product about dogs because you found it was a profitable niche....every time a dog lover emailed you to ask you a question, your negative feelings about dogs would be implicitly implanted into any dealings you had with that customer.

          And believe it or not, but they would sense your nagtivity, even if it wasn't apparent on the surface. I can't stress this enough, you need to be involved in your passion. even if it is not the most profitable niche.

          I am fotunate that my passion is "product creation", so it is not so much the niche that matters, but the process of creating products to meet demand. What I don't love for instance is the process involved with affiliate marketing. It might be quite lucrative, but I find it a bit mind numbing. Writing articles and reviews and trying to funnel traffic to a product that I have not created is not my cup of tea.

          Helping people is always a noble cause, and if you can make a living from it then you have the best of both worlds!
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            Some good points.

            I agree 100% we should stick to things we are good at...

            For one, life is too short. If you are going to spend time pouring your time, heart, and sweat into... it should be into something you enjoy, it's so much more satisfying that way.

            Secondly, it will show in our work. No matter how much we learn, analyze, plan, and implement... if we don't have a strong passion in what we are doing... it will show. All it takes is one other person with the passion (and not even necessarily the same knowledge) and they will blow you away. People are naturally drawn to others that are passionate... so passion will win every time.

            Something you are passionate about is SOOO much easier to learn as well. Accounting, which was required for my business degree, was the hardest class in college for me. Now I took intellectually "harder" classes (like calculus, etc) but since I despised accounting so much... it made it that much difficult to do the work and learn the concepts.
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              HI Brian,

              Thanks for your comments. I had similar "issues" at university with some of my subjects

              I had something else to add, but it has slipped my mind! I'll come back if I remember later
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                Great post Jane - and very true. It's much easier to pimp out a product that you love.
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                  I think pride comes into it a lot too. who wants to sell their soul for a bucketload of cash? Not me. I want the peace of mind that I have lived within my values and have stuck to my core beliefs and my true passions. At the end of the day when it is all done and duisted I want to be able to look back and say to myself "You squeezed every ounce out of life, and you gave it your best shot!".
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                    I'm going to play the Devils Advocate here.
                    I've been a lifelong student of business and I'll say this... Do what's profitable.

                    I once knew a guy who loved scuba diving. It was his passion. So he opened a dive shop. Bad idea. Not only was he in a terribly competitive business (especially here in Ft Lauderdale) but he also got so caught up in the details of running the business that he never got to do what he loved anymore.

                    I enjoy exploring, but if I had to take every journey I went on as something I needed to keep track of and notes of to write about for a job as a travel magazine researcher, I probably wouldn't get to enjoy a whole lot of the experience itself.

                    Better off to find a business model that's profitable, so you can make loads of money and do what you love for nothing more than the love of doing it.

                    Just my two cents.

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                      Great posts.

                      I agree that life is too short to spend time doing something you don't enjoy.

                      Even if you're stuck in a job working for someone else, it's important to have duties that you're good at and enjoy. I was listening to the set of CDs from Dan Kennedy's 2007 conference yesterday, and one of the guest speakers was talking about how most compaies are run the wrong way (in many ways), including trying to stick employees into jobs that may not jive with their skills, education, or personalities. It's an easy concept -- let people do what they enjoy doing, and the whole place should run better.

                      People CAN tell if you don't like what you're doing or if you're trying to sell to a niche that you don't care about.

                      Reminds me of an acquaintance a few years ago who said he wanted to start a local publication. Wasn't sure who he should target with this publication. He told me, "I guess I could publish a magazine for women, or for seniors. I can't stand old people, but I might do a pub for the elderly."

                      He finally decided on the elderly, started a publication for seniors, and it didn't take long for the publication to die.

                      My opinion of the death of this publication was that the readers could tell he didn't respect them. It was obvious to me in the tone of the whole publication.

                      So your audience can definitely tell what's going on behind the scenes.
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