3 Years and I'm on My Way

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Hello everybody

I wanted to talk today about making money online. Just like you I fell in love with the dream of quick easy money and how it would turn my life around. That was three years ago and I am still struggling. There are two reasons for this:

1. I didn't stick to one thing

2. I believed all the B.S. that was pushed my way.

I first started IM with Google Adwords, and it worked, but not for me. It worked that I saw 900 click throughs in three months. That wasn't bad for someone with extremely limited knowledge of the IM whole thing. However, I didn't get a single conversion and Google gobbled up over $100 of my own money.

Now I know that the product was good, but I didn't learn enough about it. I rushed straight in and got burnt. So Adwords was given the flick and I moved to Adsence. The only difference between Adwords and Adsence was the fact that I didn't lose any money. Actually Adsence wasn't to bad but it only made me a few cents.

I then tried my own web page and my own product and still ended up with zip. I moved to Twitter to get customers. That had minor results but nothing outstanding.

Not to be disheartened I tried article marketing, video marketing, all manner of social networking and got the same results every time. Nothing.

The biggest problems I found was I didn't know enough and kept swapping to something else too soon. I now know that If I had stuck at the one thing I would have done a lot better.

So first piece of advice, stick to one thing, and get to know it really well, and then work it hard.

The second problem I found was that I kept on buying the latest product or video course and trying to learn to much. I learnt about how to design your web page, how to social network, how to create squeeze pages and how to put them altogether to ensure that you had a great flow of traffic.

What I did learn in the end was that one man cannot do all of it alone. Yes all those systems work, but it would take a beginner years to get it all working properly. And It's just not worth busting yourself over.

The other problem with most of the courses was they were either out of date or just full of hype. Some did have some good information, and were really well done, but there was a lot of rubbish to wade through.

Second piece of advice, don't buy courses or programs that sound too good to be true, and only buy courses that are going to give you extra ideas on what you are already doing. If your blogging and want to improve that, then don't worry about the email marketing course. You will just get over whelmed.

Finally I sat down about June and said enough is enough. I was going nowhere, spending hours creating products that weren't selling and trying to design web pages with no idea about good web page design. I decided that I needed to change my tactic and moved back to two things I had seen mild results with, Twitter and blogging for Adsence. I also gave myself a 6 month deadline. I would have to be making decent money by the end of the year or I would quit. I wasn't going to waste the rest of my life hoping.

So with the new focus in mind I found a course that was promoting how to make money through Twitter, Blogs and Adsence. I bought the course and it confirmed what I was doing was right. I had come up with my own idea of RSS feeds for blogs and Twitter, however it was a clumsy system that relied on Outlook to do everything. This course showed me how to do it better, easier and make the entire system automated.

For the last 5 months I have been working 10 blog and twitter pages and have seen great results. No I am not earning enough to retire, but I have seen the amount I am earning go up each month, and it was for far less work than I was doing before.

But how did I go from earning nothing to earning something, consistency and focus. They are the two things that have allowed me to succeed. Every day I work for an hour on the business before I have to go to work. I make sure that I stick to only blogs, twitter and Adsence and try to get it working to best way possible. I don't worry about other areas of IM and I don't let the hype get to me.

I collect various video every now and again that show me how to bring people to my blogs through other methods. However, I'll watch them later when I know everything is running fine with the system that I have now. I will not allow myself to be distracted again.

It can be boring, but I can play music while I'm working so it's not that bad. Plus I do get a buzz everyday when I see my Adsence account got up.

So for anybody starting I offer this advice:

1. Choose one area to work, and make sure it is something that you like

2. Choose one niche and focus on it

3. Work it every day

4. Set you goals and work to them

5. Have a daily list of what you MUST do in order for the business to run properly

6. Run it as a business. Just because you are at home doesn't mean you can skive off and come back to it later.

7. Set time limits and work to them

8. Stop looking at unimportant things on the net that have nothing to do with the business.

9. Stop checking emails/Facebook/twitter/porn. Unless they are you traffic sites, they can wait until later.

10. Avoid programs, webinars, videos and the like that are not directly related to you area

11. Stop watching any of the above that don't start telling you how to improve what you are doing within the first 5 minutes. You will find they are only full of hype and most likely a sales pitch.

12. Stop looking for the quick buck and build a long term business.

13. Celebrate every success regardless of how large or small it may be

14. Don't give up to soon

15. Avoid spamming people

16. Seek help and advice for those who have been here for a while

17. Avoid Gurus.

This is a great industry to be in. It's always changing and it keeps you on your toes. It's not easy but it is easier and cheaper to start than a traditional bricks and mortar business.

Oh and one final thing, don't try and use this to build yourself as a brand. You can become a "guru" and you can become famous, but it's far easier just to make money.
Terry Shadwell

P.S. for those that are interested, the most I will make this month will probably be $12. That is $4 more than the month before and $4 for the month before that. By Christmas I want to be over $50 per month. I have a few more plans to work, but they are all within the Blog/Twitter/Adsence system.
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    Yes it is really easy to fall into the trap of getting involved in too many things and listening to too many self defined gurus , but a lady has to learn someplace, so I have said I would chalk down my first year as the high cost of education. Now I am ready to go to the bank .

    "professional writing priced right "
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    Good post it looks like you learned some good lessons. I hope your earnings keep going up! I am glad you decided to hang in there!
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    Originally Posted by drwhogoesthere View Post

    Hello everybody

    So for anybody starting I offer this advice:

    12. Stop looking for the quick buck and build a long term business.

    Dude that piece of advice is just priceless. Let me explain. Before I started seeing money come in, I went on a coca-cola enfused love fest with the latest shiney object, twitter, facebook, software, autoblogs & tools (which are the worst if you ask me)

    These not only cost you time, but effort, hard work, and they do not really bring in that much money. But you will find that out the hard way like I did.

    So your tip, just that one line is so powerful to me. Becuase when I started looking at my IM career as a business and not just some lame ass excuse for the new shiney object the next guru was plugging, the wool was lifted from my eyes.

    When i sat down, planned and worked out a nice funnel and treated my business with respect, and got customers to like what I had on offer, things snowballed. And that egged me on to get to the next stage. So on and so forth.

    I wish someone told me to Stop looking for the quick buck and build a long term business. years ago!!! But like I said, people should take note of this, read it several times and then decide on how they are going to earn money.

    I guarantee, that once you stop jumping around from one thing to the next, and stay with one thing, make it work, then upscale....the results will astound you.
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    Great post!

    Thanks for sharing. This will help a lot of people here on the forum. It reminds me of how I started and everything you say here is true. Keep working on your business and growing your monthly income.

    In this business the only way from where you are is up. It is rare to see those numbers decline monthly so keep doing what you're doing and you will have a braggable monthly income before too long.

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      Nice post and I really enjoyed reading your experiences although most of the things which you described are basics which one should has to follow like stay focused on one thing but still it's a nice way to describe and especially new comers must read it.
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    nice read.
    many people rush for success. every marketing approach take it as learning the methods properly and then implementing it consistently over substantial period of time before calling it a failure or success.
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    thank you for sharing your experience.
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    More and more people will need this type of encouragement these days.

    This should inspired newbie marketers to get started, and for all of the expert to remember their first attempt of online marketing.

    Thank you
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    Good on you, its really useful for people (including me) to see this kind of post. I am doing pretty well online but guilty of getting distracted and you post made me reasses what I've achived today and I've given myself a kick and I'm off and running again!

    Coming soon!

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    Great advice, learned a few things
    Enlighten Yourself
    Aesthetic Bodybuilding
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    Awesome post, I agree , majority of people hops on the internet , eager to make the fast buck with the first program they come to, not realizing it takes time and work , and continue to move and hope from one porgram to another. These individuals fails to realize that hopping from one to another isnt going to help with them to succeed.
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    Well the first one you said it, 'Stick to one thing'.
    the second one is 'take action'. I know how i failed in the start when i decided i will do this and do that, but ended up doing nothing. I have a perfect plan on how to make money for upto 3 years in advance but i still never do what i 'planned' to do. And once i started doing it and taking action, it works!

    the third is obviously 'rinse and repeat' till you reach the point of maximum possibility, at that point find something new and do the same.
    Join me & my IM journey at my blog:
    Make money online with SJ
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      Thank you for such an excellent post! As a beginner this is exactly what I needed to hear. It's so easy to go off track chasing the quick cash in any area whether you like the product or not. Reading this has made me re-evaluate my strategy to bring the passion back in what I do.
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    This is a great post !!!! Really encouraging newbies like us .
    Thanks a lot
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      I'd reply to all of you in person but there are just to many to thank, and I dont have time this morning to do that. So I will have to do it in a group thank you.

      I'm glad that you got someting from this.

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    I got something from this post, thanks for the share. Very encouraging.

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