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by Gb2
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Hi I'm putting together a new basic membership site to offer members free ebooks, tutorials, downloads, forum etc.
But as this is a first for me I want to see if I can get some advice or recommendations.
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    The only one I'm familiar with right now is Easy Member Pro. Look for Anthony Hull on this forum and get 20% off (in his sig).

    The program installed fine but unfortunately there was some mystery glitch that vaporized all of my edits. Guess that's why there's a built-in backup option.

    The glitch got me twice before I wised up. From then on I would make an edit and then back up, make another edit, backup and continued this way until I finished my client's site...arrgh!

    Considerations for my client were cost and multi-site licensing. Amember was a close second but needed a new license for each additional site.

    A free way is using Joomla. More info here:
    How to Create a Membership Website in Joomla |
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    Hi Geoff,
    It all depends on what you want to do
    you can use wordpress and grab a plugin like memberwing
    you can use a traditional html website and use one of a number of different scripts or even just use.htaccess to protect the members area.

    I think because your just starting out the best thing to do would be to grab a wordpress installation and set that up upload the content you wish to provide members with and install memberwing-they are awesome and I use them myself.
    you could have it all up and running within a couple of hrs from start to finish. then updating the site is as easy as posting a new comment

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    if you want really simple i would go with a simple PHP forum. I still use them.

    I you want better, with drip feed content, go with amember, or nanacast. My very very successful sites all incorporate these software tools. Just make sure investigate first, to make sure you are getting something that is going to cater to your needs.

    They are the best.
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    I will recommend you to use wordpress and get a membership plugin, there are many out there just search on google. This is because it is very easy to add and edit stuff in wordpress. It is also easy to customize and get started!
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      Originally Posted by sameerjoad View Post

      I will recommend you to use wordpress and get a membership plugin, there are many out there just search on google. This is because it is very easy to add and edit stuff in wordpress. It is also easy to customize and get started!
      yes wishlist or memberwing if you want to go the blog route. Those are about the best.

      I have a close friend releasing one next year, that might be up there with them. So look out for that.
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    Hi, i am also starting a membership site, but i need a membership site platform... Any programer i ask, want from 100 to 500$... that is like to much fore me, do you know haw can i make et my self...
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      Wishlist seems a good idea, it is just a simple plug in for wordpress. There are tons of tutorials and reviews out there just Google it. It seems to have a real simple interface too. Good luck.
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    I suggest Joomla, it a powerful platform and very flexible and it has many components ready (and free) to run a membership site (ex: community builder).
    The drawback of joomla in my opinion is it's learning curve (it takes time to master)
    Good luck.
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      You can find membership software for under 50$, which is a much easier number.

      Message me for suggestions
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    There are lots of membership site options. Take a look around and find what works for you. I am using Memberspeed. It does what I need, but it is a pain to work with. I have already put in too much time with it so it is hard for me to change up.

    Good Luck.

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    If you want an easy out-of-the box membership site with built-in forums, streaming online video, drip content all the other cool features, take a look at Traindom: Information Marketing Business in Minutes - Traindom
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    yes, tons of membership options, and even more opinions, here are a few thoughts no charge,)

    1. you want an IPN system if your using Paypal, Avoid anything that uses PDT, (Wishlist) sorry charlie but PDT is insane and so old it should be shot.

    2. Search engine friendly, (probably want a wordpress platform)

    3. Easy to upload content, products,

    4. Easy to maintain Code base.

    You will find a hundred opinions on what to use, but as long as you find something that meets those 4 easy things, you have a good place to start.
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    Thanks for all the ideas guy's :-)
    As this is a first for me I want to keep it as simple and basic as possible for me to run and for the members to get the most from it as possible with out the overwhelming them.
    I want to include a forum and encourage members to post up photos and showcase their work and at the same time share tips with each other.
    I would think that 2 levels would do to start with - free basic / paid full.
    Hosting is not a problem ( I have my own ) but I just want to get it right!
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