Amazon CloudFront now in Public Beta

by limoge
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I just received an email stating that amazon CloudFront is available for public beta:

We are excited to release today the public beta of Amazon
CloudFront -- you can start delivering content through the service
right now.

Getting started is easy: all you need to do is store your objects in
Amazon S3 (make sure they are publicly readable), then, make a simple
API call to register your bucket with CloudFront. This API call will
return a new domain name for you to include in your web pages or
application. When clients request an object using this domain name,
they will automatically be routed to the nearest edge location used by
Amazon CloudFront for fast delivery of your content. No negotiations,
no upfront fees, and no volume commitments. It's that simple.
Amazon CloudFront

For people using lots of video this could be quite useful.

As with S3, I will wait for someone one to come out with a simple video explaining step by step how to use it. If you already have an S3 account, sign up is simple - just a confirmation screen with the S3 billing info.
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