I'm an idiot. (Please review my conduit site, take II)

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So last week I posted a thread asking for a review of my newborn conduit site, and I got a lot of replies to the effect of "WTF?"

Because I gave the wrong URL.

The correct URL is From the Inside.info

Specifically, I'd like to know:
Is my focus too broad? (I.E. should I focus on a more narrow niche, or is the kind of breadth that I'm angling on OK for a conduit site?)

Are the RSS and opt-in too distracting? (I know that it's best to have nothing on the page except the moneymaking link, but I know it's good to build a list at the same time.)

Is the layout good? (I know SEO rules would put my nav column on the right rather than the left, but it looks better where it is. Is it really that big of a deal?)

Is there anything missing? (Typical sales pages need a company name, contact Email, etc...does a page like this?)

Thank you all for your help.

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      I think your site is too broad in topic. I don't think you'll get rankings for any of that. My understanding is that a Conduit Site should be focused like a report on a certain area of products.

      Take Acne

      You're whole site should be focused around Acne products - 1 page per product report style, recommending your favorite pick at the beginning or end.

      Keep up the good work. Also your domain should be keyword based, not generalized unless you plan on building an authority site.

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    Your header is way cool. I like it. It's really unique. What I would think about is your URL. I guess the niche is health and fitness but the URL does not show that. I think it might be a little harder for you to rank well...
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    Shit man, could you have copied Allen's design any closer?
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    Actually, I'm a total noob webpage designer, so I copied Allen's CSS sheet outright, and made new HTML to go around it.

    My wife made the header image; she's an excellent graphical asset (no pun intended). And the URL is generic because I plan to branch out into other areas, like Home and Family, and Society and Culture (straight from Clickbank's category list). If you click up one level, it becomes healthandfitness.fromtheinside.com, so the URL goodness is there. I am shooting for an authority site, so I think that's how it ought to look.

    Am I wrong?

    Thank you!
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    Kind of looks like a google adwords page to me.
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      Still need your ratings stars and so-on on the first page, adding some graphics, pics should help.

      Just looks like a ad parking page or SERP, that is what I think he means by an "Adwords" page.

      Use your own design, try not to copy someone else.

      Need to add a TOS, disclaimer page, and a public site map to add page value points and credibility.

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    Eric (or anyone who knows), what's the difference between a Terms of Service page and a disclaimer page? Aren't they usually the same thing?
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      You could combine both, but the disclaimer is most important, as to let people know as there are no guarantees with any product or system.

      Also to specify that you are not endorsed by any company while using their trade marks.
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    Try not to get hung up on the details, just make a privacy policy, contact and about us page.

    Here are some tips:

    - Get a domain related to the niche.
    - Pictures pictures pictures. You can grab pictures of all that stuff on the sites affiliate page
    - Use a rating system of stars or out of 10 . Make the rating stand out
    - When i look at your review pages I'm not even sure where to click. Your heading is a link and at the bottom you have the product name as a link. Make that 'Click Here To Go to FatLoss4Idiots'
    - Within the review make any mention of the product a link to it.
    - The design is ok but it says nothing about the products. Put a skinny lady or a muscly man in the top header of somewhere on the page.

    Just a few things. Hope it helps and good luck
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    Hi there, while I really like the graphics I think that they are somewhat distracting for your site. I think your site should be more about one product with a matching graphic for that.

    Just my 2 cents

    All the best

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    The page in general looks good. I don´t like that blue much, I think it makes the site kind of cold (but that´s a personal taste). Once you have more categories in your first page it will start looking better, currently I think it looks too much as a "site in construction"....
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      Definitely needs some pictures to keep people interested in reading further.

      I would make your product money links - call to actions...

      -->Click Here To Learn More about "Blank" and Get The Free 7 Day Course

      -->Visit The Official "Blank" Website - Click here

      -->For More Information Click here - - $15 off This Week only

      -->For Special Discount Offer - click here
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    No disrespect but I think the homepage (the right side) looks a bit white and empty. You have one line there that says ...read more. I wouldn't do that

    I asume you are working on the site right now as the read more link goes to a page not found?
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    OK, the main page is skimpy at the moment because all of the reviews I've written have been under the one category of Health and Fitness. I plan on adding categories for Home and Family, Society and Culture, etc. (basically miming Clickbank's categories). I'll go through and write a few reviews from each category once I get the sitemap, etc. done, so the homepage fills out a bit.

    Realistically, I don't expect too many people to see the homepage; I expect them to arrive at the review pages, conduit-style (and there are no links back to the homepage from the product reviews, deliberately), so I didn't worry too much about it. By the time that I've build any reasonable amount of authority (so people might have a reason to show up at the homepage), It'll get filled out. Is there a reason to think that this isn't the case?

    I'll totally get the pictures and ratings thing going, and I've fixed the broken link. Thank you to everyone who offered a critique.
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    The blue is very nice but your header gives me eye-cancer

    Its very unpleasant on the eyes and you can hardly see the INSIDE in yoru banner. Id get a much "calmer" header designed. Your RSS logo could be improved as well ... but IMO I'd clean up your page a bit. It does the trick, but get that header sorted out
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    Well, that's two compliments and two complaints about the header, so I'm going to assume it's about average in terms of how people are going to like it. It's supposed to be an oscilliscope (sp?), with the "inside" being in fingerprints -- along with the magnifying glass, it's supposed to combine to give the impression of being secret, insider information.
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    Ok, thanks everyone, I've updated a bit and I'd really appreciate further critique.

    Health and Fitness - From the Inside

    Thank you!
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    I really like the thumbs up / thumbs down graphics. I think your site might look a little better if you got rid of the borders around the ebook pics - just my personal preference.

    I'm also thinking that maybe the layout would look better with the title and text to the side of the product images instead of above and below it, but I guess that's something you'd have to experiment with.
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      Try to narrow it down
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    WritingWarrior, I don't have borders around the pics on my browser. Can you tell me which program you're using?

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    I'm using Firefox, but I can also see the borders in IE. I took a screenshot so you can see what I see:

    FIREFOX: http://entertainingwriter.com/Essence/ff.jpg
    INTERNET EXPLORER: http://entertainingwriter.com/Essence/ie.jpg

    Best regards
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    I've been trying to figure out for a couple of days now why the border appears in IE and FF, but not in Opera. Can anyone wiser in the ways of HTML than I am help me get a clue?

    Thank you!
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      I clicked on the image of "Truth About 6 pack abs" and it took me to the Fat Loss for Idiots page. Same with "Panic Away" and "Natural Cure for Yeast Infection". I got annoyed and gave up.

      Something you might consider looking into.

      Best Regards, Georgie
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    Oh crap! Thank you, Georgetta. I can't believe I dropped the ball on updating the image links.
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