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I want to build a massive email list, about 70,000,000. I'm thinking with an 30% opt in conversion rate (21 million) and a 1% opt-in to sale-rate.

Here's the question: Am I off a bit on my conversion ratio? And do you think buying a list would be more affective or capturing email address through adsense, FB, SEO and several squeeze pages? This kick-ass technology and forum is all new to me. Happy I'm a member
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    I think your ratio is ok, but i think you're 'off your bot' with the numbers.

    70mil? where are you gonna find that amount?

    Start small if you are just starting out.
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      lol, Thanks! I meant "off a bit" I was going to purchased the list from a database company.....
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    Ah.. right.

    Well in that case, I can't comment as I have never bought a list.

    I'd imagine the conversion rate would be MUCH lower for this.

    I have also heard bad stories about lists that are mostly full of expired email addresses.

    I prefer to build my own list because the QUALITY of your list is what really counts.

    I could easily create a list of 100 people if you asked me to. I'd just need to put a few flashing banners around the place saying "WIN BRAND NEW IPAD NOW!!!!!!", but if you start selling these guys golf products I can gaurantee you will have a 0% conversion rate.

    However, if I built a list by including a form on a checkout page (after someone has bought one of my golf products already) that says "Hey, sign up now if you'd like my to let you know of more great offers just like this". Then my conversion rate would go through the roof.

    I'd rather have one subscriber like this than 100 freebie seekers.

    You don't truly know the quality of your list if you don't build it yourself.

    Just keep that in mind. Quality is everything!
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      Thanks for the knowledge!If I was to go the route you recommend, how do i get my squeeze page in front of the end users? Affiliates? SEO?
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      Let me start by saying what an excellent job you've done of working backwards from the numbers.

      Your expectations, and your strategy, are off a bit, but you seem pretty bright and if you listen to what people in here tell you, and you continue to work backwards like that, (from the end goal, based on statistical numbers) you'll do very well in business.

      That being said, it seems that you might be just grabbing at a random number for a list, but not really seeing the why of having it.

      Let me try to explain...
      A list doesn't mean anything if it doesn't produce revenue.

      You're probably thinking that with a 1% conversion rate, a list of 70,000,00 will yield results of $x.xx per month if you have product(s) at x price point... etc, etc.

      While that's a very solid thought process, your looking at the end game, and not the whole book of 'plays' it takes to get there.

      For one thing, you have to build a relationship with that list
      For another thing, certain 'milestones' in listbuilding activities open new doors and present new opportunities long before you reach that ultimate end goal.

      At 1000 list members you can do adswaps
      At 5,000 list members you can participate in list building events with great success
      At 10,000 list members, you can do JV's.

      And with each of these stages, new opportunites open up for you to profit.

      With 1000 list members, and the right product with the right conversion, you could easily participate in a 'launch' as an affiliate and make $2-5K from that list... (of course, with all the other affiliates competing, you'll still need something unique of your own to bring to the table to convince your prospect to buy from you and not your competition, but that's a whole other topic of conversation.)

      With 5,000 list members, you should have a fair steady stream of income from the promotion of your own and affiliate products to that list, and therefore, list building events like JV Giveaways (assuming your in the IM niche, if not, there are other ways to leverage your list and money in similar fashions) can increase your list, your cashflow (again, another topic) and your presence in the community. With the cashflow a list of this size produces, you can buy the 'upgrades' (advertising) to get more exposure for your product, and your name so that other list owners may take notice of you.

      And so on with 10,000 members, 25,000 members, etc, etc...

      And of course, none of the numbers mean diddly if you don't actually build a relationship with your list and other nuances that aren't even about the list itself, but about building a relationship with the customers of your business.

      The Recon Report
      Reliable Results, Predictable Profits
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    SEO is the best way to do it for semi-permanent free results. But you can try PPC too if you like.

    Basically create a website full of great content and point each page to your squeeze page or even include a form on that page.

    Optimize each page for a keyword after you have done some keyword research and then build loads of links into your site to improve rankings.

    That is a very basic overview but the quality of your subscribers will be in your hands.

    A couple of resources I recommend if you are going down this route is Mark Ling's AffiloBlueprint course: Affiliate Marketing Course - AffiloBlueprint

    And here is a success story of someone who followed it, very inspiring: A Journey of My Own
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    Buying a list can cause you extreme issues and could result in your email account isp and webhosting account being shut down.
    these people never opted in to your list. You have no premission to contact them.that is spam. so as always I advise do not buy any lists build your own and you will be ok buy a list and you are asking for some real trouble

    "As a man thinks in his heart so is he-Proverbs 23:7"
    Coming Soon

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    I intentions were to purchase a list, have the company send out my email (it's their company policy) about a free offer/report....something of REAL value, with opt-in option. But you guys are right! It's very expensive ($120 per 1,000) and no QUALITY guarantee Thank you for the info!!!!! I love this site!!!
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    One of the most important parts of building your lists is:

    a) the quality of your subscribers.

    b) Where you got them.

    There is no point in "buying" and email list of people that you dont know what they are interested about and that you wont be able to use in your auto responder?

    Hope it helps
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    If they have a list of that many million,
    I would inspect EXACTLY where it was
    coming from. It sounds a lot like one of
    those e-mail scrape bots, which I can't
    see converting at all...


    Canadian Expat Living in Medellin, Colombia

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