Can I Add an Upsell to Clickbank NOT using the 1 Click Upsell? (Don't have 5000 sales...)

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As per the title. Wondering if I can just send them to another sales page for a recurring product after they purchase instead of the standard thank you page...

any help would be most appreciated
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    Yes it is possible, many Clickbank sellers do this.

    What they do is send people to another sales page after they have paid, which contains 2 options:

    1) Buy the second offer
    2) Go to the download page
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    Yes, just put your Upsell page as your product's Clickbank thank you page.

    Then on the upsell page they can either buy the upsell (and yes the affiliate cookies remains), or if they decline the upsell you can either lead them to the orignal thank you page of the product they purchased or to another upsell or downsell.
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    I thought they ditched the 5000 sales requirement about 2 months ago?

    Ignore, was a special consideration issue.
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      Yes, as others have mentioned, this form of upsell works just fine.

      Don't let a lack of one-click-upsell capability keep you from upselling... I've achieved 37% take rate with the low-tech method described above.

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    Yep, just set your upsell sales page as the thank you page, and have a "no thanks" link at the bottom to proceed to the download page. Just don't annoy customers with like, 5 upsells before they can get to their purchase. Too many sites do that nowadays...
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    Thanks guys. Yeah I have been working through this.

    So far, the structure I have is

    Main Product -> Upsell -> Recurring offer - Down sell -> $5 for First Month Recurring Offer

    To structure this, does that mean I should have 3 products in Clickbank?

    Is there anyway of for instance having the recurring product and the $5 for first month product under the same product? (lots of product)
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    Originally Posted by vstar00 View Post

    As per the title. Wondering if I can just send them to another sales page for a recurring product after they purchase instead of the standard thank you page...
    This is taken straight from the Horses mouth. I went through this with Clickbank sometime ago...

    "There are two ways to present a "One-Time Offer" to your potential
    customers. The first is to present the offer before any purchase has been made.

    The purchase path would look like this:

    1. Customer reads your Pitch Page and clicks on the button to purchase.

    2. Instead of taking the customer to the order form, the button takes the
    customer the next page of your site that offers an optional upgrade to the

    3. The customer chooses between the payment buttons for either the original
    product or the upgrade version and purchases. The different buttons have
    different links, relating to the different item versions under the "My Products"
    section of your account.

    For example, the Thank You Page for the original item alone is listed as Item 1
    and the second Thank You Page (that includes downloads for both the original
    product and the upgrade) is listed as Item 2.

    Then your Payment links would say:

    4. After purchasing, the customer goes to the Thank You Page of whichever
    version of the product they chose to buy.

    The other way to present a "One-Time Offer" is to offer the upgrade after the
    customer has purchased the original product. The purchase path would look like this:

    1. Customer has just completed purchasing the main product and is taken to the Thank You Page for that product.

    2. Upon arriving at the Thank You Page, the customer should see these three
    things at the top of the page:

    * A note from you that tells the customer they have completed their order and will see a charge from CLKBANK*COM or ClickBank on their statement.

    * Your contact email address for technical support.

    * The instructions on how to obtain the product the customer has just purchased.

    After these three items have been clearly displayed on the page, you may offer an additional product below. Keep in mind that you must make it very clear that the customer can have access to the product they purchased without having to purchase anything further, and also that purchasing the second product will result in an additional charge.

    After you present the one-time offer product, you must have two links at the
    bottom of the offer: a link where the customer can buy the second product, and a link that clearly states that they can opt-out of the offer and simply be taken to the product they have already purchased.

    3. At this point the customer will choose to either buy the one-time offer
    product, or ignore it and choose the link that takes them to their download.

    4. If the customer chooses to purchase the one-time offer product, that link
    will take them to the ClickBank order form for the second product. Make sure
    that after the customer orders the second product they are able to get both of the products they had purchased.

    No matter which method you use to present your one-time offer, make sure that you always give your customers the option to choose just the basic option that they were originally interested in. Customers will not purchase upgrades they feel forced into buying."

    Hope that clears things up for you...
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