Do you care about Alexa ranking ..?

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Hi I do not care about ALexa ranking .. I just consider Google ranking rather than alexa. what is your opinion in this..
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    It's not a bad thing for gauging the amount of visitors a website receives. I usually like it for comparing websites, the more visitors you receive, the better ranking you get with Alexa.
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    The one thing you need to know about alexa ranking, is that it mainly comes from toolbars, and people checking sites (ie alexa ranking plugins). I have a webmaster website getting around 2k visitors a month which outranks a clients website (around 2mil unique's a month - real estate), and the alexa ranks are within 10% of each other.

    As long as your aware of this, you can have a aprox guess at traffic. But wouldn't count on it unless your've seen hard stats (like google analytics or awstats etc)
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    Actually i do care about alexa.
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    My new site was ranked at 21,000,000+ and now it's down to 800,000...looks a bit better but not too worried about Alexa ranking

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    I just consider Google ranking rather than alexa.
    They are apples and oranges. Alexa ranks sites by traffic. Google ranks sites according to content and value (I'm using value loosely here).

    And no, Alexa stats aren't very reliable or accurate. They can be useful to gauge how popular a site is but that's about it.
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    Alexa is irrelevant and can be manipulated. IMO Alexa ranking does not matter.
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    Alexa is seriously skewed.

    The only people who use the Alexa toolbar, which is how those numbers are generated, are newbie Internet Marketers.

    I used to use Alexa toolbar myself. I was hovering at high 20 thousands and low 30 thousands.

    I was suffering some memory issues, so I turned off all my tool bars when browsing.

    When I got my computer fixed again, I went and looked at Alexa... My site had dropped to the low 120's....

    This means that my own activity on my site was skewing the numbers by nearly 90k positions.

    I realized that those numbers are so skewed that I stopped using it altogether...

    I am hovering in the low 100k now...

    If I went back to using it, I am sure I could jump to the teens...

    But outside of ego, I see no value in it...

    And I have no interest in fooling my numbers to make myself feel better...

    The only numbers I honestly care about is actual traffic and actual dollars earned... All other are pointless...
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    I prefer google, elexa comes with big units
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    I always prefer Page rank and have never given any importance to alexa...
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    every rank matters whether it is google page rank or alexa rank. if you have high alexa rank it means you have more traffic to your website.
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    I check my alexa ranking regularly. you cannot compare alexa and googel ranking as it shows different things. Alexa shows the amount of your traffic and google - site quality.
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    Alexa ranking that is over 2million can easily be faked with sending fake traffic from ptc sites etc. However alexa under the 2million mark is hard to achieve so believeable. For this reason I would only consider alexa in the top sites as the other is mostly faked. Even though it might have decent alexa you might need to check google ranking etc to confirm that its not brutally attacked by ptc/cheap traffic.

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    Alexa can be used as indicator for website traffic. But somehow its not always accurate. I have one website with hundreds of unique visitors per day, but still in 2million rank range. People can also use bot to generate fake visitors to get good alexa ranks.
    So to answer your questions: Yes, I do care! But its not 100% accurate.
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    I actually care alot about the Alexa ranking on my site. I know it may be biased and not correct at times, but it helps me to gauge popularity among the internet audience as opposed to the Google Ranking which only lists a number between 1-10.
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    Yes i care about alexa ranking alot. It plays an important role in SEO.
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    I adored the services of Alexa and Google Page rank to analyse website traffic. However I am not dependent on both, because I always prefer Awstats, which is one of the statistic tools available on cPanel control panel.
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      I think if world care about Alexa ranking then why not we should care? Alexa ranking is not for our satisfaction. It reflects traffic to your website. Alexa is known for it's ranking system, that is why we should care of it. If you want to sell your website buyer get impressed by your Alexa ranking. This is the point.

      - Pradeep
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    When I have made the decision to sell one of my sites that I am no longer interested in maintaining, Alexa ranking matters to me. This is especially if I am selling that site on Flippa. Otherwise I don't make it a focus.
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    It depends. Are you interested in ranking for traffic or interested in ranking for reliable useful content? Sometimes both come in handy but I rarely check Alexa anymore. It just seems so 5 years ago.
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    i use alexa toolbar so that my sites get some rankings whenever i visit my sites.
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      No I don't, It's misleading.

      One of my sites hit 70,000, I changed the script to wordpress and it went down to over 200,000. At the same time the traffic more than doubled. The switch was less internet marketers with the Alexa toolbar and more people outside IM searching for information which was exactly what I wanted. Now I look at traffic not Alexa.
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  • Profile picture of the author Caleb Spilchen Ranking? Sorta - I look at it as a
    bar, to see demographics, it's like quantcast
    for me.

    Alexa Smith Ranking? Of Course!


    Canadian Expat Living in Medellin, Colombia

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    On the list of things I care about regarding success with
    an online marketing campaign Alexa would rank somewhere
    around 3,457,751... if my list were that long...

    If you knew what I know you'd be doing what I do...
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    Not really everyone is already use to Google so why worry or care about the new one who might be on Bord!
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    That is one stat I don't check, I couldn't tell you the last time I checked my Alexa rating. I don't really care to be honest, it's just another stat to check to waste time. Occasionally I will go in and check, but probably only about once a year!
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    As an offline marketer, I use Alexa as a way to point out ranking comparisons to potential clients. Good tool for that purpose.

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      Alexa ranking is definitely not a priority for me

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    I don't look at Alexa rating, I look at Google ranking
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    Alexa Smith Ranking? Of Course!
    Caleb, Get out of my head!

    Jumping on the 'don't care' bandwagon. It's a useful tool for other purposes but the ranking is useless unless you are a domain flipper.

    I'm all about that bass.

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    Alexa ranking is based on a toolbar installed on web browsers. What we should take int consideration is that most who installs Alexa are "technical" people like IM, web developers and the such. These people have the purchasing power and the needs of buying an IM product. Alexa may have a slight impact but it is not the sole reference of how a site should be ranked and viewed.
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