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I have search Warrior Forum quite a bit, but am not able to find a single thread or post that tells me:

How in the @#%&!!! do I create a Facebook fan page? Free, without having to buy someone's tutorial ebook or videos or software.

I have been searching for a solution for weeks.

Any shepherds out there to guide this lost sheep?
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    FB...then Ads and Pages...and from there, you create Fan Page.

    Create a Page | Facebook

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      I also struggled for a bit to understand how the heck to build a decent fan page and then one day came across a thread by Jo Barnes (not sure that's her Warrior name, you can also find her at freefanpagetemplates . com) here on the forum. You have to opt-in to see a course of six videos, but they are great stuff, helped me a lot.

      EDIT: One thing I should point out is that it includes Facebook's last changes (in July I think). I won't tell you how long I searched on Google for relevant updated info...
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    The link above is the place where you need to create a page. If you'll use it for your business as an official fan page then choose the right option. They need to verify that you're the owner or at least an official representative. But if you just want to create a page but not as a representative as a fellow fan, then the community page is the right one for you.

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    It took me a while to work out how to add a fan page, I did find a uesful free tutorial at help.wildfireapp.com/faqs/tutorials/facebook-fan-page-public-profile

    I hope that helps
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