CONTEST! The New Warrior Forum...

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Hello Warriors,

Today I though I'd Try something New...

With all the hype on the New WF, I decided to make a contest.

In TWO words... (notice TWO is bold and in capitals!)

Describe what you think or feel about the WF2!

Dont write a 500 word essay, just TWO words.

If you write more than 2 words, I will delete your post! (=D jk)

Oh Yeah! The winner will win...

My Friendship!!!

Here are my 2 words:


Update: I have the results in hand. =D

Here are your winners:


And the winner is...!

All of you! Yay!

All of you win my friendship! You can redeem your prize anytime by adding me as a friend. ;D

I'll still be taking more submissions for the contest. Good Luck!

< (Guess What This Does.)
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