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Ok, well I'm trying to set up a wp site basically as a book review site. Now I have never, ever done anything like this before and much as I would love to, cannot afford to pay anyone to do it for me. Ive been at this all morning so far (thats' 5 hours straight!) and I'm still not there yet. Obviously though I am learning as I go!

My problem is ive got to the 'goggle eyed' point and I don't think I'm 'seeing' it properly anymore if that makes sense?

If anyone has the time I would be really grateful if you could have a quick look and give me your thoughts? (please don't be too harsh! )

It is at


Thank you!
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    What do you mean "goggle eyed" are you refering to search engine optimization tactics? If yes, I just want to inform you that you cannot see you page being index on google for "5 hours straight" alone, it will take much of your time and it will required more tactics before your site will be seen on google or other search sites. Sometimes it will took you 6 months or more, or sometimes a year depending on how you work on it. Here are the best tactics for you get index on google:

    1. Join to social networking site like Facebook and Twitter, they will help you to get a huge of traffic just follow friends or collect friends in there and then post something about your site to get the traffic that you wanted other than that you can even participate to a forum like this or to an answer site which can give a backlinks aside from traffic.

    2. SEO is process to get organic traffic towards site. And that can only be obtained by getting your best keywords on top of search engine particularly Google. Also traffic from search engines is more direct and gives business as compare to referring sites traffic.

    3. There are many social bookmarking sites, web directories that you can post your link and a lot of this sites are free. And if you have a quality article about site, promote it to various article submissions sites. Blog and forum also can help your site.

    There are a lot of tactics that can be found a long the way. Hope this will help you with your site. Good luck.
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      sorry I think you've misunderstood my post! Im still working on getting the site set up I haven't even thought about google rankings yet! No, 'goggle eyed' means that my eyes are going cross - eyed from staring at the screen too much and I need a second opinion!

      Thanks tho! :-)
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        It's looking good from here.

        The site is clean and easy to navigate and I like the colours.

        I assume that you will be adding real book reviews and suggestions rather than just Amazon ads, which are, at least, unconvincing.

        If you've been staring at the screen for 5 hours, it's probably time for a break and some fresh air. It's amazing how that changes your view of a site!
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          Thanks guys for your comments!

          I agree it's not a great niche to make money in but as this is my very first attempt I decided to use it as a 'trial run' really to see if I could get a site up and running and teach myself along the way.

          I chose law students/books as that is where my 'expertise' lies I suppose and I thought it would be easier to start with a subject I'm familiar with.

          Yep I am going to post my own reviews of each book though this is where I am coming up against a technical problem as I don't know how to do it so it 'sits' next to the book! ARRRHHH
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          Obviously, the site is still a work in progress but basing on the primary layout I think it's going to look good. IMHO, the articles need a little more work considering that your target audience are brainiacs who MAY have highly discerning taste levels when it comes to what they read. But I guess it's understandable at this point since you've just started.

          I also agree to a suggestion above about joining online discussions around law books or the laws in general.
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    You really don't have any content on this site yet for us to be able to understand why you have chosen these books as your favorite. You need to give people a compelling reason to visit your blog.

    In this case, I assume your target audience is law students. You're an Amazon affiliate, so you want them to read your review and then by a book. I'm not sure this is the best niche to make money in, because most students buy books recommended by their professors.

    Hopefully, there are enough people who would be interested in reading your selections for you to make some money. However, the only way you'll find out is to test it out.
    I don't think there's much to comment on yet, because it's incomplete.

    Get some content on there and then ask for reviews.

    Focus+Smart Work+Persistence=Success

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      I think it is looking good, but obviously still needs some more content before we can make an informed decision.

      My eldest son is currently studying law (can't wait for the day I see him in his wig and gown ) and I know he is always on the lookout for secondhand books to help keep the cost down.

      My initial thoughts:

      Change your permalinks. At the moment, you're using the page ID. Not good for SEO purposes.
      Change your 'about' page. Should only take you a minute to change the text to say what your site is about rather than telling the world it's an example of a wordpress site.
      At least get a couple of lines of content to go alongside your amazon widgets. Again, this should only take a minute and can just say why you think they should buy from Amazon (emphasise price - students are always skint).
      If you're hoping to make money from Adsense, move it up above the RSS feed.

      Good luck with it. I'll let my son know about it.

      The man who views the world at fifty the same as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life. ~Muhammad Ali
      Pay me to play. :) Order a Custom Cover today.
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    Nice and clean design. I like it.
    You could change your Permalink setting to /%postname%/ instead of using the default wordpress link. It will help your SEO as well.
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