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Hi All,

I have read in quite a few threads about Angela Edwards WSO for creating backlinks...

I have been checking through the search function, but can't seem to find her WSO... Could someone kindly link me over to it?

I am interested in checking it out, as there are a lot of warriors that think very highly of it.

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    Here's a link to what you're probably actually wanting ... I got it from her signature.

    Build Your Backlinks TODAY!

    Here's how you can find her WSOs:
    1. Go the the WSO forum.

    2. Click "Search This Forum".

    3. Choose "Advanced Search" from the drop down box.

    4. Type "Angela V. Edwards" in the User Name box.

    5. Choose "Find Threads Started by User" from the drop down box right below the User Name box.

    6. Click the "Search Now" button.
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    Her backlink packet thread was deleted a long
    time ago, before the backlink packets were allowed

    Build your backlinks TODAY!
    was the offer she used to have for warriors.

    Caleb Spilchen

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