be careful before you buy your next website

by arttse
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Many people buy websites due to the site's traffic and rankings in search engines.

Before you buy your next site make sure you check the backlinks associated with the site and make the seller sign an agreement that they cant remove or alter the backlinks...because if they do (after the sale) your site's traffic/rankings and ultimately your revenue will plummet, without warning.

Some scrupulous sellers could very easily remove the links from a sold site and put them on their next site they wish to sell.
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    This probably happens more than you know, Thats why I never buy sites and only sell them to qualified investors. Thanks for the tips though

    Im president of White Label Links Inc. A leading SEO and Internet marketing company based out of Jacksonville FL

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    I would only buy a site to have an aged domain, no need to buy someone else's site when I could try to make a better one myself.

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