Are my sites in the google sandbox?

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Two months ago I had several sites that were on page 1 for several keywords and then the sites dropped to between pages 5 and 7. I was using backlinks from and I built some profile links. All of these sites are more than 8 months old. Can anyone tell me what happened? Are my sites in the google sandbox? If they are, can anyone tell me when they will leave the google sandbox?
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    Yes, they are in sandbox! Delete them from interweb and reboot.

    Seriously though, no one can answer this question. If you posted some links then we might be able to see why you lost your rankings but your not giving enough information to help right now.

    It could have just been google "search diversity" that ranked you highly for a short time then sent you back to proper level.
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    It is impossible for your website to be in something that doesn't exist.
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      They'll be back.
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      • What kind of links did the guys from backlinksolutions provide you with?
        Also, did you link out to any sites google might not like or find shady? If so, this is definitely the reason.
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