How do you think FMyLife built their traffic?

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I have a site which is a different take on FMyLife. My site is

Idiot Boss - Post Your Idiot Boss Story And Win A FREE Shirt

I'm trying to figure out the best way to get traffic to build up some stories. I can't use affiliates because I'm not directly selling anything. I don't know if it would be a good idea to start sending out press releases because there really aren't many stories there yet.

I was going to pay for a Fiverr gig for somebody to get the site a lot of friends on FaceBook, but another WF thread said FaceBook is cracking down on that. I was debating purchasing a couple of gigs where people post on your site. I've put a couple of posts on craigslist promoting the site and chance to win free shirts for posting or clicking the FB "Like" button.

Anyone have any ideas? Should I just start with the Press Releases and promote it as a new site.


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    Its a brand new site, so I think your Press Release option will pay off in spades especially for your chosen topic. Get it out to a few good Press Release sites and it will probably start seeing traffic pretty quick.

    For different PR sites, if you don't want to pay, you can find the free PR sites that Google considers decent go to Google News and flip through the links. You will find that most have the Submit PR option for free.

    Clint Butler
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    Paid advertising. Use Facebook drop an image of the shirt in the ad along with your CTA and send them to a page where they write their story. Then after they hit submit take them to the main page. Then send mailing to everyone that submits.
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    Great idea. Why can't I ever think of this stuff?

    Facebook is the way to go. Get your facebook fan page up and running and hope it goes viral.

    I would get some more content on your site and polish it up a little more. I wasn't blown away with what you have up at the moment.
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      Originally Posted by christopher jon View Post

      Great idea. Why can't I ever think of this stuff?

      Facebook is the way to go. Get your facebook fan page up and running and hope it goes viral.

      I would get some more content on your site and polish it up a little more. I wasn't blown away with what you have up at the moment.
      I agree. This is definitely the kind of site that can go viral. I would start out by telling all of your current FB friends about it, and if they like it then all of their friends will see that they liked it and so on.

      You could also try social bookmarking because those sites love the type of site that you have.
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    To answer your topic as opposed to your post,

    FMyLife and other similar sites - IMMD, etc all got their traffic the same way

    "natural organic virality"

    That my friend, cannot be reproduced, no matter how hard you try. If a website is meant to be that way, simply keeping it updated will have the explosion happen.

    Of course, artificial virality is completely possible, but the results are never, ever as good.
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    Hmm, I don't really like the design but the idea is there. I don't know if status's about boss's are a big enough niche though. I would've gone with just the funny status niche. But anyway best of luck, have a popup making them like or share your site


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    I think Bane nailed it.

    How would I get it started?

    I would start getting creative and fill a few pages up of stuff your idiot boss has done. These have to be gold. I would then send these off to mates through email and get them to help network it for you, naturally. Work emails seems to spread far and wide with this type of thing and will hopefully move over to their facebook friends as well.

    Twitter could be very powerful for this type of site too but you need the regular posts to get noticed.

    You really need to provide content to get people interested enough to add their own and 3 posts won't cut it.

    Some of the content on FML simmilar has to be made-up....
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    Some how I don't think making a Facebook fan page is going to help you much. While peoples opinions about their boss's might be less an admirable, I don't think they'd risk their employment by joining such a fan page. I know I wouldn't, but that would not prevent me from posting on your site how much of an idiot my boss is.

    More and more employers are checking employees Facebook profiles so its a bit risky, esp in today's economy and high unemployment rates. This is the possible negative social impact your facing.

    I do like the idea but I don't think its for Facebook.
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    I think the facebook ADS are a good idea. That way people can go to your site and post without joining a fan page saying they hate their boss.

    I'd probably start with CPM to go broad quickly.
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