Hot Info! How I Beat Procrastinaton and Get Results Like Clockwork!

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Hi all,

Today, i was with who was whining to me saying, 'You know Ron. I've bought tons of products, know virtually all i need to do, my problem is, I don't just do it!'

'Hell', i thought. 'I once had this problem'.

So i gave him some advice telling him what i did to overcome this problem.

As i was talking to him, i suddenly thought of the warrior forum. Why, i don't share this with my friends on the WF, i said to myself.

Alright here goes...

Now i don't care how much of a procrastinator you are. Use this 'trick' and you'll see yourself getting off your doofus to do something worthwhile.

Here it is...

In the past, each time I plan to make some money, i would go through about 30% of the materials i've got on my hard drive. Then come up with a product idea.

I'd flesh out the idea and then... do nothing!

Now can you believe it? I would prepare and just at the point of putting the engine in motion, I'd step on the brakes! sounds odd, but i bet it happens to a lot of folks too.

It worried me a lot and i daily tried out different techniques to overcome this problem, but nothing worked.

One day it came to me like an 'eureka' moment.

Here's what happened...

I had researching on an information product i wanted to sell to folks in my country. (If you're not creating your own products yet, you're missing out on a boatload of money)

Then the all familiar paralysis came ...

For days, i struggled to create the product but kept pushing it off and back.

Then i had my 'aha!' moment.

'Why not write the salescopy and place the advertisement in the newspapers?', i asked myself.

So i did a mini-advert to drive visitors to my website and called up the newspaper and then went ahead to send in the advert material and pay the rates. I was told the advert would run the next Monday (this was a Tuesday)

Now guess what happened?

I was forced to create the product and write a really good salesletter promoting it!

I was now under obligation to create the product. Now there was no question of procrastination. I had to produce because next Monday, visitors would begin visiting the website and sales would begin to come in!

Now how's that for a kick in the butt?

Since i discovered this strategy which i call 'The Put Yourself Under Pressure To Perform' tactic, I have literally used it anytime i find myself trying to put off something.

All i do is do something else that forces me to do what i really want to do.

Like if i wanted to plant and grow a really beautiful garden and was putting it off, I'd go online, and order the seeds, the beds and the tools, paying a hefty price.

Now since I hate losing money and the postman has delivered a large consignment of material, I've got no choice but to grow the damn garden.

You can use this same tactic in your own life and I'll bet you'll begin to see dramatically different results.

Try it out and see.

I hope I've helped you out here by contributing something worthwhile. Be good and God bless.

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    Good point Ronald

    I also work better under pressure. May give this a go

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    Hey Ron thanks for the tip. Some people do really perform when being under pressure as there is no other choice but to do it.

    Great point, and am trying to think of ideas of what I can do to put pressure on myself (in a good way) in different situations.

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      Hey nice idea. It's the old classic of creating a deadline ... the motivation for most students to study is the prospect of a looming exam, which if they fail will spell humiliation with their parents.

      With your idea, the humiliation will be phone calls or emails about your product and not having a product to sell to them. It's a good call.
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    Good tip. I use this too, taking on client work with a strict deadline when I know I need to make some money, lol.

    Need a writer for articles, rewrites or reviews? Get quality content at quantity prices! PM me for details.

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    Excellent! I've never been good with self-imposed deadlines. I will do anything it takes to meet a client's deadline, but my own? Totally flexible. This might just add the sense of urgency my lazy mind needs. Thanks!
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    • Profile picture of the author Defunct
      I bookmarked this to read later.

      Just kidding, pressure is usually a factor for procrastinators, we leave things till the last day it's dude, so what you have done is create a real due date.

      Of course this wont work for everything.

      Other things that help is, create small tasks that you cant fail, The “Kaizen Mind Trick” | Pay Per Click Search Marketing

      This is actually quite a deep topic that i love talking about but today i'm not procrastinating.

      Currently using Time Doctor - Time Managment Software, Productivity Software, Time Tracking Software it's free and in BETA, really helpful to me, I always tried to use lists in physical notebooks but that doesn't end well for me.

      I've tried many other types of methods and read a lot, it's definitely more of a mental/emotional issue than being lazy/slack/no ambition.

      I'll try get into this more when i have time if this thread keeps going as it's a pretty important topic for a lot of people.
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    I think this happens to everyone of us. Thank you for the tip!

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    It's amazing what procrastination can do to a person. Forcing yourself to take action is definitely a winner. The flip side to working under pressure can either make or break you. If it makes you, chances are within a short amount of time, you will develop a habit of getting your work done and so you may not even need to resort to forcing yourself to work anymore. In this case, its a win-win!
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  • Profile picture of the author IM Outsider
    Great concept. How many fantastic projects have we all thrown away due to procrastination? We all need the carrot and the stick and a combination of both works best.
    How about setting the deadline and figuring out what to do with your first profits in advance? Thanks for the tip.
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  • Profile picture of the author Ronald Nzimora
    Hi everyone.

    David Allen, kevinfar, theemperor, Jillycakes, cindybidar, FrankieTP2, Adrianne_, IM Outsider and everyone who left a comment, God bless you all.

    Defunct, thanks for the link. It was a great resource.

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    Originally Posted by john55 View Post

    Hi all,

    I was forced to create the product and write a really good salesletter promoting it!

    I was now under obligation to create the product. Now there was no question of procrastination.


    Hit it on the head. Comes back to time management but I like that you were under pressure. Psychological studies seem to suggest we perform better and the quality of work is better as the brain has to fully focus. We are not doing things willy nilly. (half assed) plus you would have been thinking about profits on the front end and back end.

    Good job, i think everyone can learn a thing or two from this post.
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    • Profile picture of the author Robert Boduch
      Nice job! Nothing like lighting a fire to get us moving forward.

      I've heard a few giant marketers like Ted Nicholas, Dan Lee Dimke and others advocate writing the sales letter first and then creating the product to fulfill all the promises made in the sales copy. But actually buying paid advertising for a product that as yet only exists in your mind is the ultimate in leverage, particularly if you hate losing large chunks of money. Awesome... and gutsy!

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      • Profile picture of the author Defunct
        Ah the other one was making yourself accountable, Perry Marshal mentioned, every morning he shows his to do list to a friend and the friend does the same.

        At the end of the day they speak to each other and say if they completed their tasks or not.

        With that time doctor program i linked about, my girlfriend who works with me can see my task list, how long it took, what i still have to do and i can see hers too.
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        • Profile picture of the author Ronald Nzimora

          I'm humbled a great marketer like you responded to my post.

          Thanks for taking time out to post.

          God bless you.

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  • Profile picture of the author nelaffiliate
    You hit the nail right on the head. Procrastination is a major problem for many people. It can destroy all your dreams. We need to always find ways to break out of the cycle of procrastination.

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