How is such a good forum possible?

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Hello guys, I just came to know about this forum today.
But I'm getting more and more astonished at how great this forum is.
I will probably buy the membership very soon, lol. But I'll wait a little bit more for that.

I mean so many great threads, so many good people answering my questions... I mean I'm getting advices from experts for free....

How can you guys be so generous?
I mean I can't believe I pade $37 dollars for Mass Cash Coverup thingy when I could have spent it for this forum's membership.
And as now when I'm still not a full member, you guys are so kind and telling me a lot of great information.

I mean guys, thanks a lot. Thanks to the admins for such a great forum.
I came to know about IM just 2 weeks ago, looks like I found the right place soon enough!

Just to slightly present myself, I'm a regular student in a very very busy university, I study automation (a bit about robots), but I recently found that IM is so interesting, I mean I can't get fed up with studying things about IM when I get bored in 5 minutes when I do the maths problems T.T. But since it took me a lot of hard studying to get myself into this university, it's not easy for me to get out of school and learn IM, lol.

So friends I have a big problem! The univ is giving me so much assignments that I can't spend all day long studying IM (even if I'd love to), and for the last two weeks I've been caught up into ClickBank affiliate marketing, started a few blogs, started getting some visitors, but they wouldn't use their credit cards T.T lol.
But since what I read on the forum today, looks like Amazon or CJ which sell physical products are better income doors than CB which sells info products. Please tell me if I'm wrong here.
Because I believe people buy more physical products than the abstract info products.

I'm not a good writer, so forgive me if it's too hard to read .
Anyway putting it up, my question is "I don't have much time to study IM, but I really like IM and am interested in becoming a good affiliate, I'm not that good at writing articles, and I'd like to start from affiliate marketing at Amazon or Cj or Clickbank, masters of the forum please guide me and tell me which thread, what books are the best to start on this path.

This has really become too long to be comfortable in the eyes of the readers, but thank you really much if you read till here.
And I hope one day I'll be able to help out other people like you guys are helping me today!

btw: I still haven't found out how to thank people for their posts... I'd really like to thank all those people who replied to my first thread, but can't find the button, anybody light me on this pls? thank you.
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    The answer to "Thanking them" is right under your posting on the bottom right

    Give yourself time (do in 30 minute sessions) and just ask nad questions to go thorugh them posts, see which apeal to your skiill set.

    Finally keep your wallet in deep freeze until your happy you have all the facts but at the same time dont over analyis it
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    thank you Kudosman!!
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