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So this is for all of you who have read all the methods. You perhaps thought of something yourself. You KNOW that these methods will work. BUT you have NOT put it in practice!!

So everynow and again here are threads telling you that if you dont get your ass off the ground and start working then you will not succeed. So many *motivational threads and so on and on*

You might have thought of yourself as lazy.

Well that is not always the case. Perhaps you are not lazy??

Thing is, that this industry attracts certain type of people. They are not always lazy, and dont always look for a quick buck. Because of the nature of IM , type of people who have ideas and want to learn are attracted to it.

So I want to share a story. This is not bragging or anything like that. I just want to make a point and illustrate it with a story, so that you would remember that. Perhaps this will be what will help you to start putting in practice all the things you learnt here and in other places.

So before I started doing IM years ago, I was working for Marketing Consultancy. I moved to UK and was doing my last year in Uni. I knew what type of work I wanted, but not many companies were willing to take a foreigner and on top of that a young 20 years old guy who had no formal education in Marketing.

So I volunteered. I said, I want to learn and I am willing to do any job for FREE for 1 full month.

9 months later I was a director of that company.

Here is how I did it and these things you can apply @ your job and in Internet Marketing.

First month I worked my socks off. Then they asked me to stay.
I was given responsibility to keep an eye on their social network and do forum posting, some basic link building and so on. I knew these type of things were not interesting to me , but it was a start. I knew I wanted to do the real thing. Consulting, putting together marketing and sales strategies. I saw top guys consulting for corporations like Kingston and Cisco and I wanted that

So what I did, was with the half of my salary I hired full time assistant. (She was from Philippines.) It meant that I did not have much money to go out with my friends and so on. But thats ok. That was a small sacrifice.

All the tasks that did not really require much knowledge I outsourced to her. Forum posting, interacting and managing their social network, link building and so on and on.

Now I basically had about 40% extra time. With this time I was able to help colleagues and spend time thinking about how to improve the company and so on.

Slowly everyone started noticing, that my work was always done , I was helping others, I was bringing all these ideas to the board and all I seemed to do was hang out and do all the other things in other departments.

I carried on doing this for several months. After 3 months of working there I was made a head of sales and marketing department. And then months later I ended up as one of the directors.

So as I said, I am not bragging , I really am not in need of respect and so on. I just want to show that you have to work smart and know what you want.

This works exactly the same here in this industry.

Perhaps you have some sort of office job. You dont have much free time to invest into these methods you see here. And to be honest you cant bring yourself to do tasks like , writing articles, building backlinks, setting up blogs etc etc.

But here is what you can do. Hire yourself for few hundred bucks a full or part time assistant. Give them all these type of mundane jobs. And you focus on developing methods and seeing the bigger picture. It is easy to get caught up in the small picture and get stuck. Dont put yourself in a place where it can happen.

Fact that you are hear means that you are a learner. LEADERS ARE LEARNERS. That is one of the first things they will teach you in any business school.
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