How much do you think I can sell my website with own product for?

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I'm a programmer and web developer, I developed a software and uploaded this website in July 2010. I'm not an Internet marketing expert or anything, but so far I managed to do 500$ to 700$ each month selling the software.

I have done some promotion, as well as some affiliates, etc, and I know it is possible to do a lot of money monthly out of it with the right experience.

I still don't have that experience, I'm just wondering for how much I could possibly sell it, Website/software. I'm selling the software for 47$ right now, started at 19$ then went up to 27, then 37 and now 47$, sold a couple for 97 and 77 as well, but normally for 47 right now.

The website has an average of 600/700 visits per month, 9/10% search engines, the rest is from referring sites.

I'm considering in selling it if somebody offers good money as I'm with a big project now and need to invest a lot of money. But if not then I will keep it, it is a good monthly income, and you just need to reply a couple of emails when they buy the software, that's all the job, (and of course promote it, but that you already know if you know the online business)

Any ideas on how much can I sell it for?
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    That duplicated site sells for about $27 or something, I think? I've seen this one advertised as a WSO or in Warriors For Hire, or wherever? It's a very good design, I think, but "duplicated". I think what you're really asking is what you can sell the product-rights for?

    Which tends to depend on the audited provable income and traffic levels. Do I understand correctly that your organic traffic is only about 2 visitors per day?

    The difficulty here, I think, is that you've had the site for only 4 months during which you've (very reasonably!) tried many different prices, so it's not easy to assess the "average monthly income" realistically, and it might be better to wait until you've at least had it there with the product at a constant price for 6 months or so, and do some SEO to increase the organic traffic? Just a suggestion.
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    Hi, I got 20 or 30 visits each day average, sometimes more. , 4 or 5 from search engines. It is not about the site design. It is about the whole thing, the rights for the software, which is what makes money.

    The project is very new yes, although I started on July, I got the software finished and changed many things on the website. Started to sell on September. I went gradually increasing the price as I think it is a very interesting software and started to sell cheap as a launch promotion. Although it has been increasing the price, the sales volume in quantity is less but the amount of money earned by the end of the month actually is increasing bit by bit. I just want to find the right price, and stay there.

    If I sell it it would be to one person only, the software will be exclusively owned by that person, and no competition with others selling the same software.

    I'm just curious right now, I will probably keep it, after all having a product that sells monthly a min of 500$ with 100% profits is a good deal
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      Originally Posted by slim182 View Post

      If I sell it it would be to one person only, the software will be exclusively owned by that person, and no competition with others selling the same software.
      Have you decided to sell it? Your site and software could be easily replicated. Feel free to PM me with an offer for your site + exclusive ownership of the software, website and content.
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    with proof of earning, the estimated selling price will be estimated yearly income.
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