Payment Button: "Buy Now" vs. "Add To Cart"

by in2it
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I know split testing indicates that Add To Cart makes the most effective payment button, but why? There is no "cart," and there's nothing to "add" if you're just buying a single product.

Is it a customer-psychology thing -- just a standard we've gotten used to from online shopping?

What do you prefer on a sales button? Buy Now, Click Here, Order Now, Secure Purchase, Get It Now, Instant Access...

Any ideas? I'm curious about this...

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    I know split testing indicates that Add To Cart makes the most effective payment button
    Who's split test?

    I only know of one person who has published anything about split testing and having that phrase win and that was Ryan Deiss

    Though it was good of him to share HIS results it should inspire you to run your own tests.

    I bet in some instances "add to cart" may not be the winner... there are too many variables in this world to proclaim it the winner...

    Though his tests showed it to be a winner... your own may not.

    One of my favorites is "Click here to get instant access now"

    I find its effective to tell them what action to take and what the result of their action will be.
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    Add to cart is more for shopping outlets with catalog products liek clothes, gear, etc.

    If you don't run yoru own "store", go with the BUY NOW as its a stronger call to action. The other sites want you to KEEP SHOPPING, so thats why it says ADD TO CART
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