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Ok, I have been hanging around here for a while. Trying to get my feet wet.

I have purchased a few products, couldn't apply the info yet, but informative.Subscribed to some lists ( just to see how they are doing things). Read threads etc.

SO here is what I am asking. For a total Newbie, What are the First 3 things you recommend to DO?

From products, articles, blogs etc. I have read many different things.

They all say a bunch of different information, like create your ideal life, pick a niche your passionate in, passion in niche doesnt matter as long as its profitable, create a product, dont create a product, ask your list what they want etc....

I know there are many many ways to make a buck online. So, ill get more specific, so you can more accurately answer my question.

I am interested in creating an information product/membership site.

I am not interested in creating 9 octillion blogs that make 3$ a day average over 3 years from a clickbank affiliate while copying other peoples articles ( i am sure it works for you, but its not what i want to do).

What are my first 3 steps to obtain this goal? or 3 questions I need to ask myself.

Im not looking for encouragement etc... just honest things to consider. I have lots of TIME to put into this but not a lot $. Thanks for you responses, they are greatly appreciated.
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    Blank lines between sentences make your posts easier to read, and therefore more easy to answer.

    You can either find your audience and then find a product that matches their wants.


    You can find a product that has a lot of demand, and build your audience around that niche.

    In the end, pick a path that will lead to sales and profits for you.

    Once you have set your path, promote.

    Yes, this is a 1-2-3 process, but 1 and 2 are interchangeable.
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    Thanks for the tip
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    I'll answer the question like this. This is what I recommend for all beginners:

    Step 1: Choose a niche. Decide on something you are passionate about, and do the research to see if others are passionate about it to and are willing to spend money. You can use keyword research to find those answers.

    Step 2: Build your website. I recommend getting a hosting account, installing a wordpress blog with a nice theme.

    Step 3: Add quality content regularly. This is probably the most important thing today when it comes to internet marketing.

    I know I didn't get into making money, but that comes afterwards. Since you only asked for the first 3 things, those are what I would recommend. Seek to provide value and you will receive value in return. If you can provide enough value to enough people over time, you can grow a solid business and make a significant amount of money.

    Hope that helps!

    Leslie - The Freebie Guy

    Leslie, The Freebie Guy
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    Find a niche....

    When you have found the niche, buy a domain with the keyword, you can then create articles, I usually create 30 each mini site.

    Or get them outsourced. You can then start backlinking, using backlinking services or submitting articles.

    Hope this helps.


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    It can be easy to get running around within IM. I would focus on a few things starting out.

    Think about some niches that interest you.

    Learn how to create a website via wordpress etc.

    Get a domain name and hosting.

    Get a good auto responder like Aweber.

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    1. Find a topic of interest to you or something you are familiar with that is in demand

    2. Do research and gather info on said topic and organize and rewrite if neccessary it in a way that is easy for anyone to understand (remember most people you are selling to need things to be dumbed down and easy to follow).

    3. create a catchy name and create videos and/or PDF reading material.

    4. Post WSO to test if you want and/or start advertising
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    I should clarify, I have the niche thing down. At least it meets the standards of many marketers ( books on subject, clickbank products, blogs about them etc. )
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    Honestly I'd say just do something. Anything. Start a blog about you and your journey. That way while your working on your niche sites you have a site that can help you get backlinks to get your niche sites indexed. I failed a long time by planing too much.
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    I would create a membership site using MicroMembership plugin, find traffic on facebook by creating a fanpage, and start filling your membership site with content and customers!!
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