How to get quick cash with 120 articles

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How to get quick cash with 120 articles about Internet marketing.
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    Those are some good ideas by Khunam.

    Let me add to those:

    1) You can create a membership site where you provide say 20 Internet marketing articles per month. The articles you have will last you for 6 months. Then all you need to do is outsource or write another 120 Internet marketing articles to fill another 6 months worth. You can charge a fee of say $7 of this and get lots of front-end sign-ups.

    2) Create a short report with related articles on a topic. Let's say you have 10 articles on list building. You can create a list building report and sell it as a Warrior Special Offer or use it to build a list using giveaways, joint ventures, article marketing etc.

    3) Edit them and submit them as a press release. Of course, your article has to be written in 'press release' style. Then you have a press release cum advertorial kind of thing - you can tell potential customers about your latest product as well as informing them through the info in your article.

    4) Following on from the advertorial theme, you can use these articles as ads on Craigslist or US Free Ads. Use them to educate and get traffic.

    5) You can post them at forums as replies to posts or create new threads with the article in them. But don't over-do this.

    6) You can use them as 'Answers' at Yahoo Answers. You can take the first part of your article and submit it as an answer and link back to the complete article. This gives a sort of incomplete answer which will get you more clickthroughs.

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