How Would You Leverage Free Offline Publicity To Make Money Online And Even Offline?

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Hi Guys,

I'm very pleased to say I have just got myself printed in a new offline career magazine for teenagers, it's an Interview about E-business (a new age career), I went in depth into what it takes to be a real web business owner and what's not required etc... It was a pretty good article, the editor thinks so and so do a few others who have seen it... I've been asked to send in another one for the next publication and have done so, they are talking about giving me a permanent column titled E-business or something like that..

Seems very exciting...

I'm just wondering... What next?

How do I leverage appearing in print offline and how do I keep it going and even grow what I have now into more columns in more magazines and not only locally but abroad too (if possible), has anyone any experience with this or can you share any advice? Any ideas are much appreciated.


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