How should I take payment?

by fedya
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Hey Warriors. I have a physical product for sale and it is currently using an opensource shopping cart to take orders.

I want to make it more like a sales page and have a person go straight from the sales page to the check out.

I also want an affiliate module (my current cart doesn't have that option yet) and I want one click upsells/downsells.

What should I use to accomplish all this? Should I use something like 1shoppingcart, premium web car, infusionsoft, etc. or should I just use something like zen cart and just install a bunch of plugins and avoid a monthly fee? Is this even possible with zen cart...

If you have used either type of solution, I would love to hear your opinion.

Also I am technical and have no problem setting up a cart on my own server.

  • Whats wrong with just paypal or google checkout for taking payment? I like launch formula marketing - It has a built in affiliate program and one time offer down sells. Might not be suitable for what your selling. Not to sure.

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    If its just one or few products, you can use paypal "buy now" buttons. I prefer paypal for accepting payments, its very widely used.
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    Paypal is the way to go. Everyone uses it and it is the top online payment system. =)
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      Thanks for the feedback. Paypal alone doesn't do what I need though. It can get integrated into a solution, but it doesn't track affiliate sales and doesn't do one click upsells as far as I know.
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    I would prefer to use paypal. Shouldn't you track affiliate sales using your php script?
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      The trickiest thing is affiliate system + physical product. Their are a million for digital products, as far as physical, I dont know any off hand. You may have to look into some self hosted affiliate software for this.

      hope that helps
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    I recommend Paypal since it's the mostly widely used one.

    Or since that doesn't work Google checkout?
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    • I wouldnt be suprised if there is a wordpress plugin that would solve your problem. Wordress is can be very diverse. You might have to do a search for software that will do specifically what you want. If you still can't find something then you might even have to have a programmer create exactly what you need.

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    I use e junkie it cost 5 bucks a month but it has google checkout,paypal,click bank,trial pay and a couple other payment processors it is easy to set up and you can control download expiration times set up custom thank you pages and more.

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