Highly Automated Linkbuilding VS Manual Linkbuilding

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Hi Warriors!

I have a question about backlinking. I have seen 2 approached that Warriors take to link building.

1) Manual Backlinking

-Outsource 20+ articles to be written and use these for article marketing
-Find forums and blogs to post and comment on
-Find directories to post in
-Use high PR link packages like those supplied monthly by Angela
-Post to Web 2.0 properties like Squidoo and Hubpages

2) Highly Automated Backlinking - the tactics here are similar but are highly automated using software like:

-The Best Spinner (instead of getting an actual writer)
-Instant Article Factory
-Traffic Geyser
-Blog Blue Print
-Article Blue Print

I guess I'm mostly wondering about high automated backlinking. While on one hand you don't want to seem like a spammer to Google... on the other hand people that are using these tools are churning out huge "link wheels" way faster... and seem to be getting good rankings.

I've only created 2 websites so far and I'm already getting overwhelmed by backlinking requirements...

... so is it ok to use some of these automation programs?

I understand that you need to pace your linkbuilding and not do too much too fast.

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    (first - i'm not totaly unbaisased on this matter!)

    You can use automated tools, but then are tools and not employee's or systems. You really need to know HOW they work to get the best out of them. One of the things you should of learnt from backlinking is that it's best to do it over time. Using automated software is fine, however you to make sure that you don't just use software once and forget about the same, if you did that with manual backlinking you'd get the same results, and that is usally a smallish temporary boost is results.

    One other thing to consider, if you use software to generate say, 500 profile links, really how many of those are going to get indexed? you need to make sure you get results, this also goes for manual backlinking (ie backlinking backlinks after a few weeks if they aren't indexed).

    - Justin
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  • Personally I do my link building manually. It is tedious and time consuming. I do believe that software can be effective but you have to be careful and not abuse it. I have never used software ever but I would perhaps consider it. You just can't go hog wild and start pumping out links or it will likely backfire. I think your better off creating content that is so awesome that people will link to it for you because you are offering alot of value. Consider some viral methods. Youtube has got to work wonders. Other methods worth considering are giving away a widget for example with a link back to your site - or create a wp theme with your link in it. I think those kind of methods are the bomb.

    PM Me Now!

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    I tend to stay on the white side of the fence, and don't use any kind of automated SEO tools. I realize a ton of people do, and perhaps it does work. I consistently try to build relationships on social networks and share my content with them which has helped me gain some natural links which are best for SEO (vs. directories, ect).
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      I do most of my backlinking manual, but ive just created a bot that will do some of it for me, as it is tedious submitting to site after site on a daily basis. Especially if your autoblogging and have a few sites.

      My bot takes the 10 or 20 latest posts from your wordpress blog, and then submits them to a site that will drip feed them to 15 different social bookmark sites over 15 days.
      This is creating a lot of good deep links to most of your blog posts !

      It then puts all the 10 or 20 posts together into a RSS feed and submits them to 24 feed submission sites.

      Does all this in about a minute. Whereas doing it all by hand can take quite a while, and very boring on a daily basis !
      Do your daily backlinking by the press of a button

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    Outsource manual backlinking and also use software. Have gotten excellent results using both.


    "Punish The Deed, Not The Breed"

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      if you are using your own website content and then copying those to use for article submission, doesn't that fly in the face of the idea of everything being original content?

      I am new, so bear with my question.

      Thanks much!
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    I prefer to use manual backlinking, and outsource it after i move to next thing
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