If/When Do You Remove Inactive Subscribers?

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So i've got a list of over 1000 subscribers now, to which, because of the nature of the niche, I send out 2-3 broadcast emails a week to then.

However in the past 2 months over 200 people have failed to open a single email. Is it time to just call it a day with these subscribers and delete them? They are obviously not great leads.

Or should I keep them just in case? What do you guys with 000's of subscribers do?

The reason Im thinking of deleting them are two fold:

1) They're costing me money, if I delete the dead subscribers I could save XX/month, not that big of a deal money wise but principal wise if theyre not making me any money its dead money im paying out.

2) They're screwing with my stats. At the moment im only getting a 40% open rate. If I remove these leads then I will have a much higher %.
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    The problem with this is that you have no way of knowing for sure if they are opening your emails or not.

    The method uses to track this mostly depends on your subscriber allowing images to be displayed in their email software. Many software programs have this turned off by default.

    Open rate numbers can only be used to measure trend, not the absolute open rate.

    So, unless those subscribers take some action that you can actually track, you have no way of knowing if they're going to be your next customer or not.

    This is one of the downsides of using an email service whose charges are based on the size of your list - you don't know if your subscribers are dead ducks or not, so you really ought to leave them in there to avoid the loss of potential future sales.



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      From personal experience, I would delete them. If you say they are costing you money that is.
      If you think about yourself in their shoes, when you get an email from a list you are no longer interested in, you just ignore it.

      If it's going to save you money, I would clean it up.
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