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Hi how long do Ezine take to approve a Article?
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    Mine get approved in a day or two, but I'm at platinum level.

    It really depends on how many articles you currently have posted on EZA and what level of author you are. If you're new, expect to wait longer for approval.

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      The same here.

      Usually within 24 hours, sometimes within 12 hours, and always within 48 hours.

      Some brand new authors find that, too. As you can see from this thread, which might interest you? Good luck!
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    Ok Thanx... Yea i posted my very first one last week just waiting for it to get approved...
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    Yes ezinearticles takes forever to approve articles...
    Make sure your articles meet their requirement before posting them for a review because you'll have to correct them and wait another 2-3 days to get approved
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    Generally, EZA takes just a couple of days to approve.

    TIP: Ensure you submit at least 5 - 7 articles in 1 go. If you're thinking of submitting one article at a time then it's going to take forever.
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    Mine take around 5 days because I just started using it. It is well worth it though and if it is like the others are saying I hope to be approved withing a day or two soon!
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    Initially there might be some delays in your articles getting published but as you build your reputation with them by continuing to submit more and more articles you will find that the approval process seems to get more streamlined and settle at around 24-72 hours.

    Keep in mind that depends on when you submit your articles because the staff takes time off just like we all do.

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    Yeah inviteweb, me too. Just signed up and submitted my articles. Hope it wont take too much time or if it will hope I dont need to do revisions.

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    Yes submit several articles at once and build your reputation. Alternatively grade up to platinum membership for quick approval.

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      If you submit one article at a time it will probably be 2-3 days per article.
      Also as you have more articles on the site, the approval process gets faster!
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    It takes few couple days to get approved
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