InfoProduct Case Study: Lonely Planet Travel Guide's "Cafeteria Technique"

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I thought I'd share this as it's useful....

I love to travel and am subscribed to the Lonely Planet newsletter (by the way, the did some kind of keyword targeting on facebook and I clicked on an ad for their free newsletter to join.....partly to study their marketing and sales funnel processes, partly because I'm generally interested!)

Anyway, they had an enticing article on the top 10 most exotic beach vacations (something like that), then something about the trans-siberian railroad ( a trip I've always wanted to take....)


Anyway, what they've done here is something pretty cool which you can see here:

(btw I think where is says "affil=lpemail" is referring to me being an email lead since I signed up on facebook. NOTE THIS IS *NOT* AN AFFILIATE LINK TO ANY PRODUCT I GET PAID FOR, I'M JUST DEMONSTRATING HOW I GOT IN THEIR SALES FUNNEL)

On the page you are given the option of only buying the chapter of the book you WANT NOW

Now a teaching point might be to do this in your own info product:
1) look at your bulletin points
2) make certain chapters which just have to do with those bulletin points available for sale (like they did)

By offering the prospect the opportunity to instantly download something AND buy only what they want (think of it as the "cafeteria technique"), they can very likely capture sales from visitors only interested in specific information (and not willing to buy the whole book)....

So, what do you think?
Anyone else doing this?
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