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Hello all my readers,

I just found here right now.
I want to introduce me that everybody can knows who am me...

My name is Willy Walle, I am living in Kaiserslautern, Germany, nearby Ramstein AirBase, maybe somebody did here his Service...
Since 1 year I had been several times in a hospital, so I am not more able to work a normal job, without an Internet-Job...
So I am trying now earning my money by several doing on Internet. But I am not very glad because my earnigs are near zero...

Maybe anybody can help, giving tips how I can generate some money?

I use some Wordpress Blogs with Clickbank offers but not enough visitors are coming so nobody is clicking my advertisements.
I am trying article-marketing, but it is the same...
So what can I do?
Is it possible to earn money like the "Gurus" are writing in there newsletters and salesletters?
I hope you can give me one simple tip...

Have a nice day...today is the 1. Advent...Christmas is near...

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    Welcome Willy. Have a read around the forum. You'll find a tone of useful information to get you started... and inspired!
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    Hi Willy,

    Welcome to the Warrior Forum. You'll find that there's lots of great info and great people here.

    In terms of how I would recommend for you to get started - the things you mentioned are all things that can help make you money. However, you need to do it the right way, and do it consistently. It takes time to learn all of the ins and outs, but it's definitely possible.

    Try to avoid the get rich quick type of mentality and just be determined to learn as much as possible, and take action on the things you learn. When you start seeing the fruits of your efforts, you will become even more motivated to make things happen.

    All the best!

    Leslie, The Freebie Guy
    My Blog - The Freebie Guy - (FREE Advice and Tips to Grow your Online Business)
    Build Your Online Business in 7 Days - 7 Day Bootcamp

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    Welcome, Willy. You are definitely in the right place here. What I suggest you do is browse through some of the threads on article marketing and Wordpress sites by using the Search feature in this forum. There is truly a wealth of information here, but do not be in too much of a hurry as there is a lot of reading to do.

    Educate yourself first, and then decide on a plan of action. You sound like you're still fairly new to IM, so I'd suggest taking a bit of time to do some research before deciding which path to take.

    >>> Features Jason Fladlien, John S. Rhodes, Justin Brooke, Sean I. Mitchell, Reed Floren and Brad Gosse! <<<
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    Hi Willy,
    welcome! You are certainly at the right place as long as you can focus, invest some money.
    And as I see you learned one of the most important things already: building webpages using Wordpress.
    By the way I am not living to far away. In Germany too: Cologne and the Eifel near Mayen.
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      Welcome to Warrior Forum, Willy.

      I had a penpal before from Kaiserslautern. Forgot her name.
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    Hello all,
    thanks for so much writing...
    I am looking forward in a pretty happyness.
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      Grüß Gott Willy !

      I , new also .
      Many fine wood sculptors around your area .

      Good luck in your journey ,

      Bill e
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    Welcome to the forum Willy. Just keep one thing in mind in all of your online ventures. In most cases you have to spend money to make money. Good luck! =)
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    If you have any online skills at all, the quickest way to scare up some cash is to offer a service, like article writing, virtual assistant, creating websites, flipping sites, etc.

    As for the affiliate marketing, I think that's a much slower method ... harder to learn and get it right in order to make real cash.

    There's a lot of different ways to make money online. Affiliate marketing isn't the only one. Lots of information in this forum.
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      Hallo Willy,
      herzlich willkommen hier im Forum. Bin aus Ottersberg bei Bremen. Kaiserslautern hat Schalke ja richtig schoen nach Hause geschickt :-) Ich weiss nicht ob man hier auch auf Deutsch schreiben kann, also mach ich in Englisch weiter.

      (Just greeted Willy in his mother language :-)

      The information can be quite overwhelming, but as sbucciarel already said, if you don't know where to go, maybe start offering a service.

      Sometimes you don't even need the skill yourself. For example, if you know someone who will write quality articles for $5 you could try offering article writing for $10. You would make a 100 % profit on each article.

      While you do something like that and already earn some money, you could try out other things gradually.

      Anyway, I wish you lots of success.

      "It’s Never Too Late to Create the Life You Want"

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  • Welcome, I am new here also but it soon becomes apparent that the product reviews section is a great place to find products related to what you are looking for. No where else would you get specific and honest reviews, so you can make informed decisions.

    And don't listen to everything the so called gurus say, they are only good at hyping their products.
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