Whats wrong - GooGLE or my SITE?

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I have a site that is quite less than a week old and it got indexed only yesterday. But the problem is:

1. When I checked yesterday morning on google the homepage was indexed - but later that evening the homepage wasn't indexed

2. When I checked today morning on google the homepage & another page was indexed - but now again the homepage wasn't indexed

Does anyone know what the problem is? Is it what you call the dance? Or is it a problem with my site?

Thanks in advance!
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    don't worry, for a new site, it takes time, sometimes several weeks to stable down.
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      give it a couple of weeks.
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      Glad to hear the googlebot found your site; probably your best course of action is to market the site by article writing as backlinks will help reinforce google's interest in the site!

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        Yes it could be Google dance but as other warriors just said you have to focus on promoting your site as much as possible.

        Quality and high PR site's backlinks will do the trick. Your site is just few days old and you are just worrying, consider those who've got a year or years old sites and that happen to them as well.
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    My advice is to stop worrying about whether your pages are indexed or not. Just focus on building continuous backlinks to your web pages.
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    As other people have said this appears to happen regularly with new sites and Google. I had a new site get indexed within hours, jump to position 7 for a keyword search which included its name and then disappear completely for a few weeks. It then reappeared on page 1. During the time it disappeared from the search results I was still adding content and backlinks to it.

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    Google has lots of bots, spiders and crawlers and each has its own algorithm. Dont worry! Give it a week's time. Update your site daily till then
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    Thanks a lot for all the comments. I will focus on backlinks through various sources, I hope that will make it good.
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    comment legit comments on similar blogs
    converse on forums similar to your niche with your site as your signature.
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