65 Free Subscribers Today From JV Giveaway - How Did I Do It?

by JasonParker 4 replies
I got 65 subscribers today (90 estimated by 12am tomorrow) in Willie Crawford's giveaway.

I wanted to share with you a couple tips about what I'm doing that the rest aren't doing.

First of all, I'm upgraded like a lot of them.

I'm holding the #8 spot right now. But that's not where ALL my opt-ins are coming from.

A lot of my opt-ins have to be coming from my banner ads and text link ads. If you upgrade in future giveaways, then you should be able to add your advertisements too.

...Here's the thing... While everyone else is advertising affiliate products and links to direct sales pages, I'm advertising my same free offer.

It's that simple.

And I don't know about you, but I'd rather have a subscriber than a one-time sale from the same prospect for an affiliate product.
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    Banner ads from the giveaway? How does one buy a banner spot on the giveway?
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      Originally Posted by JohnDaniel View Post

      Banner ads from the giveaway? How does one buy a banner spot on the giveway?
      It's something I've seen recently in a couple giveaways. When you upgrade, you get 2 rotating banner ads, 2 rotating text ads, and 1 rotating peel away ad.
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        Interesting- I would have thought most people would find your listing anyway.

        Any idea what % of your subscribers from the giveaway came through the banner ad rather than your gift listing?

        If the commission is decent, I'd take that over a subscriber who may never read my email let alone buy something.
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          I believe one of the giveaway scripts out there has an option for contributors to pay to add banner ads. SMP has the text ad system which will soon be getting an option to allow only paid upgraded contributers to use as well.

          Giveaway software is evolving very fast and some really nice features are being added to the top 3 giveaway scripts at an amazing pace.

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