Domain for my name is taken

by abru
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The domain for my first and last name are taken. That is...the .com is taken. Should I take the .net or should I try adding a modifier to my name and take the .com?

What do you guys think?
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    I bought
    Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA,
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      Originally Posted by tpw View Post

      I bought
      I learn quite a lot about you. Did not realize there are so many of you.
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    Are you buying it for just to keep or you planning to develop it to a website or a blog?
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    I think the easiest answer is to go and have your name changed. Find a .com that is available and then change your name legally to match it.
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      Go for the .net, if it's available. If you must have a .com linked to your own name, then try adding a suffix to your name, such as 'marketing' or 'online'.

      Just my thoughts,

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        Just get the .net and the .org and then check WhoIs to see who has your name's .com and maybe they'll sell it to you. Or you can go to (not an affil link) and sign up to have them notify you when and if your .com name becomes available.

        Or you can make up a pen name and go by that or a I just became "BackLink Lady" and I'm going to be branding that persona rather than my own name.
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      Originally Posted by WillR View Post

      I think the easiest answer is to go and have your name changed.
      Hahahahaha ... you crack me off. Name changed. lmao

      Nah man don't change your name, instead be creative but stick to .com - Here's some examples:,,, etc. I great tool to find a good name is NameStation

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        Originally Posted by Always-A-Warrior View Post

        Hahahahaha ... you crack me off. Name changed. lmao
        I wouldn't normally mention it, but the expression is You crack me up.

        You crack me off,
        means something..err..quite different. At least it does here.

        I only mention this because you may use the expression in the wrong place.

        Colin Palfrey

        I write articles and eBooks - PM me for details!
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    You can change your name and then register a .com domain name, or you can use any other extensions, each one is OK. It depends on your needs. Do you think which is important, name or extension?
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    Have they released .co domains yet? They are supposedly the next big thing. Maybe wait and buy

    Otherwise haggle the monster who already has your domain. Is there a site up there yet? Chances are it is just some guy who purchased it for the hell of it and will never do anything with it. Offer him $100. You might be surprised. Or offer him $50 and to buy him another domain that is close to it.
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    i got thomasmichal<dot>com but if i didnt i was going to take thethomasmichal<dot>com just put "the" before your name
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      use your first name, your middle initial and then your last name [dot] com
      the dot com is better to have...

      you could also register a dot me...something to consider

      domains like, and the like are already fetching a tidy sum at Sedo so I can see that extension becoming quite big

      but dot com will always be the best TLD to use, followed by dot net, and then dot org

      good luck!
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      Have you considered adopting a pen name instead? Or rather a cyber-nick. That way you could adopt any name of your choice and probably get a domain for it too!
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    Mine was also which led me to include my middle initial as well as taking it with -between first and last.

    Can also get creative and include your location or market desired to your name. ie: JoeSmithOhio or Joe-Smith , I grabbed all the variations left including .net,.org.,.info,.tv .You never know what the future will bring.

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    Imho it depends what are you planning to do with it. For SEO reasons, yes, other extension are just fine. But if you want to build a brand or something for a long ride I would definitely suggested getting brandable name and .com .
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    I'd buy the .co and the .net and wait and see if the .com became available at some point. Put a backorder on it.
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    Well I just wanted my last name but everything was taken. I ended up with which is fine too. I only use it for my email. Actually my whole family uses the domain as you can put anything you like before the "@"

    "It’s Never Too Late to Create the Life You Want"

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    I would put your middle initial....if you have a middle name. Some people don't.
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      Others have said this also but I believe your best option is to try the .net option, or even .org. Dot coms are so hard to find these days. You could also try adding "online" to the end of your domain. For example,

      See What I'm up to Now The New Blog

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    go for .org then .net.

    There's no real proff in the pudding that they are better than adding a - between the words but i see more sites through rankings from a .org and .net site rather than one with a - in between.

    One more suggestion, "you could change your name"
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