How Much Would You Pay?

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Hi Fellow Warriors

I have a pricing query that I hope you can help me out with.

How much are 50 x 400 word articles worth when each comes in a spin ready syntax format i.e. {hello|hi|good morning} which produces an inidividual article of 75% plus uniqueness.

I have trawled the forums and just cannot find the answer!

Anyone care to chip in?

Many thanks

#article spinning #pay
  • I pay for articles delivered one per day by email in a text file, so thats 28 to 31 articles per day for $7.75 per month (I think its that amount) so it's about 27c per article.

    They are good articles but of course I'm not sure how many people receive them, but I am assured that I am at front of the Q so rather than getting articles from months ago they are fresh and written in current week.

    Hope that helps.
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