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I've known this famous forum but finally registered,
thank you for checking this I know your time are precious,

I have specific problems that almost no one talks about,
to explain it I need some paragraphs.. so I use colored font to emphasize my situation.. thank you..

I don't live in US, UK, Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, those English speaking countries

basic: Several years ago I was trying to figure a way to get a better life, and found marketing might be the answer instead of investing in stocks

I quitted my job last year, but now I still have not reached monthly income the job provided me, mainly I studied Dan Kennedy, Ted Nicholas and some other internet marketers,

I have a paradox problem, but first I'd like to ask

1) if you do not live in English-speaking countries.. I am not even living in India or Singapore.. I live in Taiwan.. people speak traditional chinese here..

I've seriously considered started affiliate marketing, but several problems, like clickbank does not support our currency, paydotcom doesn't support our currency, and many software or plugin are English language based,

I do not have much budget, if I have I can probably hire someone to translate those into our language (I can do it myself but it costs a lot of time), so those PLR.. those clickbank products.. public domains.. almost don't fit my situation (at least I think so)

We here even don't have this kind of site, I just do article marketing on my own blog, to name some situation others may not experience, bascially here in Taiwan people link internet marketing as..

- SEO services that charges a lot of money
- scam
- next facebook (platform-based start-up)

I just want to ask.. if anyone applied interent markeing in non-English countries?

2) I think the niche I have passion is marketing and football/soccer, but not many people play soccer here (fewer than baseball/basketball), I think the marketing niche is good for me

but the paradox... can you start your niche in marketing if you studied much in marketing but got no good record? do people believe you?
I've managed to build a small list and sold my own info product (about Email marketing that costs me a lot of time to develop.. as I said I could not find proper affiliate products to sell)

because I think marketing is very result based.. so I want to ask if anyone started as nobody in marketing niche? I was thinking to position myself as a reporter but still think that's not enough...

by the way I am 29 years old local male, had one job but quitted it, no business experience, not a techie person, been studied marketing for 2+ years, my parents are not business men (they believe a stable job is better), thank you very much
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    How are you doing?

    First off, I am not also from the US, UK, Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore. I am from the Philippines and English is also not our first language, BUT Im doing internet marketing and slowly but surely Im on my way attaining success.

    You dont have be a native English speaker to do internet marketing AND its not necessary to make your country/fellowmen to be your target market.

    Why would you market something to someone who will not find value on what you offer?

    That is why we are into INTERNET marketing.

    We do marketing in the INTERNET,


    Don't let such limitations discourage you.

    Continue what you want to do, pursue your goal.

    Virtual Assistantship?
    Need help finding Filipino VAs?
    Need help outsourcing to the Philippines?
    I can help you, FOR FREE. PM me.
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    It's quite difficult for me to answer your question. I have no experience of trying to make money for myself in foreign markets like yours but I do, with the company I provide their internet marketing campaigns for, advise the Spanish, French, Italian and Polish offices on what they should be doing.

    Again as I've had no experience in these areas you could say I'm unqualified here as well, but I can tell you all four of those offices are now far outranking there respective competition and doing very well. Not only that, they are doing so by not necessarily applying what I tend to need to apply here, in English speaking markets in order to get any level of success.

    In fact when I was in Milan recently at the Italian office I showed an employee how I set up niche sites and how I monetised them. This girl is now currently making between 400-600 Euro's a month on her site and not doing exactly what I told her. From my own experience, it appears a lot of these countries are quite weak when it comes to internet marketing. The Spanish office have got the top three ranking for their main keyword from a standing start 2 months ago. Their competiton has no idea how they've done it.

    I think, what I'm trying to get across, is that if you have the level of internet marketing knowledge, to make a living from it in an English speaking country and you have the language skills to set up in a foreign land where there's demand for what you wish to sell and extensive use of the internet (for example if most people think IM is a scam it may not work) I think you could be in a good position.

    I think if in Taiwan SEO is respected and not considered a scam this could be a great way to get started. There's lots of SEO information here and you may be able to do quite well running your own company after you have learned how it is done.

    Wibble, bark, my old man's a mushroom etc...

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    Thank you Chris and Richard for the fast and good reply,

    Chris thanks your enouragement, I think you are right about
    "Why would you market something to someone who will not find value on what you offer?"

    and Richard, your example is so good, I think there is a good opportunity to develop interenet markeing here
    (even fewer people here know interent marketing, normally local business here just hire someone to build a website, or buy yahoo keyword, not many people know optin page affiliate etc)

    I haven't studied SEO much.. but I think you two are right.. to choose a place to start where people don't have much skepticism
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    Hi Notme:

    I think I know exactly what you are talking about, even I live right now on an english speaking country, I started in non-english speaking countries with my IM knowledge and here is what I did:

    a) I started promoting my own products through a local ecommerce place, almost every place have one of these type of "local language ebay", see around and your competition is extremely bad to say the least.

    b) If you are a Dan Kennedy student so you must be familiar with attraction marketing, so here is what you do if you are interested in getting some clients, you go to one of the local commerce chambers and ask them for their members directory, many of them have one of them, you set up a very simple squezze page with a free report and you make a direct mailing campaign for people to download the report and you got them with yout services, those who download the report are more than qualify and interested in the topic. (If they don't have the directory in Csv file then you will have to do it yourself, not a big problem, just time consuming)

    c) I don't know how many article directories are there that support simplified chinese or chinese itself, but to great resources for markets that use the Roman alphabet (this one we are using right know, not the greek, russian or arab one) its scribd and docstoc, because they allow you to put your documents in PDF, so the language is not a problem.

    d) What you can do is start developing your own landing page to collect information of your prospects, put a follow up email sequence (just like Dan Kennedy always explains) qualify your prospects and once the confidence is build request the payment via cheque or see them in person to pick it up.

    e) Other way start making money is this: you pick up the best selling product in clickbank you read the entire sales letter and put it on a video in your native language, you put the video on an iframe that will take the people to the buying page , voila!!!! you just rewrite the entire sales letter in a fancy Chinese video, the sale is yours with no competition whatsoever!!!

    These are some of the stuff I did to start this road, believe me I know how many people on the English speaking countries give for granted when entering this game, but I know perfectly what you are talking about, happy to help.

    Hope it helps
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    Hi, basically you can target other english speaking based countries. You don't need to target your own country.

    By the way, you can try online auction in taiwan, i have analyzed the online auction marketplace, and what i can say it is HOT!!!

    there are some cheap items that bid for outrageous prices!

    another thing is that u can try SEO in chinese, targeting china community, use baidu advertisement program.

    You can try to get some copies of books or magazines from ur country or china about online marketing, there are some good techniques which are just only available to taiwanese and chinese, no other people can compete with you all.

    And china is a big market, isn't it?
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      I know what you are talking about, but as someone said above, the market is the whole world, this is the advantage of internet. It's possible to make some money, and if we can manage our bussines in an english market we'll have experience to implement some strategies in the local markets.

      Where you see a problem I see an advantage
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        I'm about to start an online promotion of the offline business my mother has and frankly, I have absolutely no idea how it will turn out. Most of the techniques I use regularly are based on English and there are no alternatives in our country.

        I think you fail to see that regardless of where you live, you can still focus on the English speaking market, you just have to reach an acceptable level of written/spoken English (which isn't that hard, look at me )
        Signature - PPC agency

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          Thank you for the replys

          seowebempire, you are right, the auction site (a big one is yahoo, ebay is very small) marketplace is more popular here, but not much intersection between Taiwan and China right now (If you don't do auction, buy stuff from china and sell to Taiwan), and not many people use baidu search engine here

          bastiat, I'm trying to figure it out now.. I'd like to find opportunities instead of problems too

          Vogin, I just happen do not like travel or teaching chinese these kind of thing, and lived here for a long time so currently I do not see I should market to all the world, but I'll think about it..

          patadeperro, you have some very great ideas
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