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Hi Everyone. I have found this forum recently and decided to join.

I have a few questions as a newbie.

I get a lot of emails saying how I can make 200k a month and how I can make lots of money with click bank products.

How much of this is true?

Can I really earn 200k a month?

They report that I can start earnign in 24 hours, which I am having trouble getting my head araound as any website I have seen launched in the past sees it take about 30 days to get listed somewhere.

Ideally for me I woul dlive to make that kind of money, but it all seems a pipe dream
Does any one who does make this money offer coaching?

I look forward to your responses

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    The internet can be very lucrative, but in reality it may take years to reach the level of 200,000/month. Some people have done it, so that milestone has been reached.

    I would have to say that if you had a solid blueprint you could start making money today. All it would require is a sales funnel and traffic.
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    While it is possible to make 200k per month with clickbank etc it will be very hard without a list and jv partners. It's pipe dream if you want to do it in 30 days if you're a nobody with no money and no contacts.

    It's possible but highly highly unlikely, with odds like 10000 to 1. IM copywriters have a way with words to push your buttons. It gets those dream juices flowing. With IM, dreams do come true but common sense needs to be applied every now and again. While it might not be a scam, you will have difficulty implementing it.

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    thanks, bot how do you get a funnel and traffic to your website?
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      Frankly, spare yourself the money and don't buy any of those products.

      If you really want to spend on something, invest $37 in the Private War Room Membership (you can get it in your user menu in the subsection Paid Subscribtions).

      Also make sure to go through The Challenge, it's an invaluable and totally free info for any newbie out there...

      ppcsluzby.cz/en - PPC agency

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