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Here's a question for the techies here...
I'm looking or more like wondering if there is a way to quantify the amount of "work" required to get a keyword to page 1, or even to position 1.

Here's what I mean:
Google Keyword tool has a "Competition" number between 0 and 1, and this is normally a good indicator of what keywords to target. I believe this is based on PPC Competition and not SEO... (correct me if I'm wrong)

This would be a good start, but an SEO Difficulty algorith should take into account possibly the following elements:
- the number of sites for that particular keyword
- the number of links to position #1
- maybe even the average number of links for the first 3
- the average age of these pages
- number of monthly searches
- language (some keywords in another language may have different difficulty level to rank based on tools available, etc)
- PPC competition if this is related - don't know
- Some type of on-page SEO grade or factor (in other words, a page that is fully optimized with all tags, metatags, bells and whistles should get 100% and a blank page 0%)

Ideally this algorithm should come up with a number X, and say this keyword tool, i.e. "Internet Marketing", has a diffilcuty level of 343, which means you could translate to X amount of work/time/months that it would take to get there... so you can as an example, charge your clients accordingly if you're a consultant, or have the ability to do better strategic planning if you're a affiliate marketer, etc

No, this tool is likely not out there, and I'm not selling anything here. I just want to start a discussion and have your input... (on anything other than how do I make money online)

Alberto Mangones
"Online Marketing Engineer"
#algorithm #competition #google #ranking

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