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by Jurrie
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Hey everyone,

i have been pondering to use PLR-articles to add some content to my blog
so it doesn't look so empty since i just recently started.
I'm not sure about it because of the non-uniqueness penalties.
i've been reading a few dozens that relate to my niche , and they would fit in well with a bit of adjustments

what are your thoughts on PLR articles , what are the pros and the cons
anyone care to share their thoughts ?


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    If by "non-uniqueness penalties" you're referring to Google's duplicate content policy, then it has nothing to do with PLR and only comes into play when the same content appears multiple times on the same domain. In other words, having the same article on your site as others have will not harm your search engine rankings at all.

    That being said, though, PLR is meant to be reworked, rewritten, and reformatted to reflect your unique views on the subject, your voice, and your purposes. Start with quality stuff, tweak it a bit to make it unique, and post away. Not a thing wrong with using PLR to help eliminate that new blog smell.
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      I use plr as filler for my sites. When you want traffic to your site, it won't due to have an empty site. I mean, people expect something to read, ie content. After enough material is added to my site, I then work on unique articles for search engines. I don't spin articles anymore, I think spun articles always read like garbage.
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    heh, i think i have made a selection of around 100 articles that i find fit for my website, and come to think of it like DM does, why not huh, i never looked at it that way , it's just content and after that you can start adding your own articles

    thank you for the replies so far
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      I like to write my own content for my blog, but use plr stuff for submissions around the web.

      Here's a good tactic... Use a plr article and shorten it... make it basic and use a backlink to your site for a more elaborate article with your personal spin.. Your resource box should say something like:

      "For more information about author (your name,) please visit http://xxxxxxxx and get the latest info on (keyword from article).

      You will get traffic and you can add your personal flair there.
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    it is actually ok to use plr article but if you afraid, then you can add in some of your ideas into the article and rewrite some parts of it.
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    thank you for the input everyone
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