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Can anyone advise me on whether twitter advertising campaigns are worth it. Does this work as a form of affiliate marketing and give good returns?

Thank you!
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    Here's the method that we are using in marketing twitter:

    1. Use keywords on your profile that is related to your website/business (ie; "#dating, #travel)
    2. Share links on your profile, while talking about non-business too.
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      I read an article from mashable.com which provides readers with the 5 keys to running a successful Twitter campaign. Here they are:

      1. Choose your audience
      2. Understand How They Feel
      3. How much is a Twitter lead worth
      4. Set a Goal & track it
      5. Define your approach
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    I seriosuly doubt the efficacy these companies who guarantee you mass followers in few days.. You want a responsive bunch of followers, and that can only be attained when they know you and trust you.

    My way is to build a site, build a trust and link to my twitter account. Whoever will follow you will trust you and the probability of your tweets getting retweeted will be higher.
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    Twitter is so "rammed with spam" now that people just don't fall for it.

    Go back to basics. Follow quality, relevant people do relevant tweets and do what people have been doing to make money since we got up off all-fours...network.
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    Advertising your campaign through Twitter is also a good way to increase traffic since you can create a link in them. Try out all the keywords related to your niche or business and start looking for them in Twitter. Once you followed people, check out a follower or a connection then check out his or her followers. there's a great chance that their followers are also within the same niche. Visit listorious.com as it's also a great way to search people using keywords.

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    Twitter can work well and can convert. The problem is that there are so many spammy ads that take people straight to a squeeze page, it's like someone asking you for money in the street.

    Instead try pointing the link to your blog and let the person see that you at least have some authority in the product you are trying to sell. Let the blog do the selling for you.

    Something to bear in mind is that Tweets are transient, you post them and within a couple of minutes they've been pushed way down to where they can't be seen.

    I would suggest thinking of 10-12 posts relating to your product and posting them out at intervals. There are programs you can use that will schedule the tweets for you.
    Offline marketer and trainer, learning online marketing from this forum. Happy to give back any way I can.
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